IOE publishes new policy on climate change and employment

Latest IOE publications spotlight the risks and opportunities for employers to emerging environmental challenges.

The International Organisation of Employers (IOE) in a new policy publication, Make transitions work: climate change and employment and an accompanying Guidance Note calls attention to the potential for job creation as a result of a transition to a low-carbon economy and the key role business and employers can play in promoting this transformation.

The publication highlights that successful and inclusive transitions to a low-carbon economy will not come automatically but will need to rely on dynamic labour markets that are conducive to job mobility and creation. This means that governments and the business community should work together to assist with climate transition and ensure the potential for gains exceeds the losses that will occur as the changes take effect.

Furthermore, the document advocates that a robust recovery from Covid-19 could integrate climate adaptation and mitigation synergies as a way to ensure policies are fit for purpose and accelerate progress on both agendas.

To advance current international policymaking on the topic, IOE’s policy sets out some steps governments and business can pursue:

  • Creating robust and flexible national skills frameworks to prepare the working population for the climate transition and shift in employment.
  • Develop appropriate incentives and support for small and medium enterprises, who make up over 80 per cent of businesses.
  • Design and implement smart recovery measures from the impact of Covid-19 that help countries re-establish economic stability but also make progress on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

This publication and analysis come at a timely moment as discussions on building back better and tackling both Covid-19 and climate change have risen to the top of the agenda during the recent UN General Assembly and other upcoming high-level meetings (like Global Compact SDGs Business Forum). IOE has been successfully engaging in these forums and will continue to do so (Economist Sustainability Week, UNFCCC Climate Dialogues) and this new policy publication will help in advocating a business-friendly approach and formalizing our positioning in this debate. 

IOE will now use these publications as the basis for international dialogues on bringing the private sector perspective to the climate change debate and global negotiations.

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