Issues impacting employment and business are expanding in scope and pace.

"IOE plays a unique role as the only representative voice of business in social and employment policy discussions in the ILO and other global forums. We want to ensure that employment and social policies foster an enabling environment for business and play a key role in wealth and job creation. We welcome you to this new IOE website which details our role and aspirations, and invite you to be in contact with us for any questions or comments."

Erol Kiresepi, IOE President


We are a powerful voice


Established for nearly one hundred years...

150 +

We have more than 150 employer and business organisation members...

140 +

in more than 140 countries spanning the globe...

50 million +

We represent the interests of more than 50 million companies...

100s of millions

that employ hundreds of millions of workers...


We are one global employer community... 

Our services

To members

We offer a range of services in support of advocacy, influence and member priorities:

  • Advocating for the interests of our members, and their affiliates, concerning pressing employment policies in international debates.
  • Providing forums for networking and collaboration among members to empower them to build their capacity as key service providers to their affiliates, and to be effective and influential champions on their behalf.

One-on-one, exclusive services to individual members:

  • A seat at the table at international meetings convened by the ILO and other international organisations;
  • Technical assistance on social and employment issues;
  • Support for and solidarity with member organisations in challenging situations;
  • Capacity-building and training;
  • International recognition.
Members & Regions

To companies

We offer a range of corporate networking and learning platforms and venues:

Corporate Partners: Individualised support and services on a range of issues, e.g., human rights and responsible business conduct; participation in global-level discussions in the ILO, other organisations.

GIRN  (Global International Relations Network) and GOSH  (Global Occupational Safety and Health Network): unique IOE initiatives tailored to the needs of senior professionals; exclusive, confidential forums to discuss critical practice issues with international peers.

GFMD Business Mechanism (Global Forum on Migration and Development): An IOE initiative that aims to mobilise business organisations from around the world to engage on migration issues, raising their awareness of and participation in the work of the GFMD government-led process that explores multilateral approaches to migration and development policies.

GAN  (Global Apprenticeships Network): International, CEO-level coalition of businesses, organisations, and employer federations dedicated to creating jobs for youth and skills for business.

Business Networks