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    Great meeting with #socialpartners in Trinidad and Tobago on how to address the impact of #COVID19. Thank you Vanessa Phala and @ecatt for the invitation. Social partners have a key role to play in minimising the impact of the pandemic. @ioevoice @ilo https://t.co/oRuGqYjGOh

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    #B20PreSummit - Panel 5 | @EKiresepi, Co-Chair of #B20FutureofWorkandEducation mapped out the formula to ensure more women rise in the workplace. He said, "We must remove the cultural & economic barriers to women's employment and ensure they have access to higher education." https://t.co/2intCCNoBu

  • At the #B20PreSummit, IOE President and @b20 #futureofwork taskforce Co-Chair @EKiresepi highlights promoting diverse forms of work, #female employment, sustainable #socialprotection systems, high-quality #education & #training, and #entrepreneurship & #innovation as priorities https://t.co/iz29B9E7ps

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    📺 For today's episode of EUROMED Migration Talks I had the pleasure to interview Ronnie Goldberg, Senior Counsel at @USCIB Chair of @ioevoice and representative for @GFMD_Business. We discussed global #labourmigration & the effects of #COVID19 👇 https://t.co/88TPJQ4XKy

  • "Robust #socialprotection schemes & formalising the #informal sector, making sure global #youth is much more involved and integrated, need to become a reality now to create a sustainable #recovery & a successful #DecadeofAction": @robsuarezsantos #DecentJobs #SDGActionZone #UNGA https://t.co/3f7FBHRJ8V

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    #B20PreSummit | #B20SaudiArabia launches the second day of the Pre-summit under the theme of “Shaping a More Inclusive World”. Today's event will feature more global leaders and dynamic sessions to discuss #B20 Taskforce and Action Council policy recommendations to the @g20org. https://t.co/6rpPZyo67R

  • The 2020 @globalcompact #SDG Business Forum is on! IOE is bringing the voice of micro, small & medium enterprises to #UNGA tomorrow, 23 September at 11:00 (EDT). Join our session "Untapping the potential of #MSMEs to achieve #Agenda2030"➡️https://t.co/dMu2IqOhlW #UnitingBusiness

  • "The future of social protection schemes cannot be dissociated from #labourmarket #recovery and the need to create a conducive environment for #jobcreation", concludes @robsuarezsantos at high-level meeting on #socialprotection for all https://t.co/6NmyIoWe8p

  • "Political will, #sustainability & #efficiency are the key ingredients to create the social protection systems we want in the future. IOE is fully committed to working with social partners in this endeavour", says @robsuarezsantos at high-level event on #socialprotection for all https://t.co/lJLlIh7Okj

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    “When we act together to change policies, things change.” - @robsuarezsantos, SG of @ioevoice, highlights that sustainable development progress can be made when workers, employers and governments join forces, like they do at the @ilo #UnitingBusiness #UNGA #BetterFutureofWork https://t.co/XSiY6W99Ct

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    Today at #UN @ioevoice pleased to have been a partner on https://t.co/H1Tt7Yd8yy also today @robsuarezsantos will be speaking at the opening day of #UnitingBusiness Global Leaders Roundtables: High- Level Dialogues on the #UN75 12:30 EDT @globalcompact

  • #Throwback to our Centenary Summit #IOE100 on the #business contribution to achieving a #multilateralism reset The #privatesector looks forward to the 2nd week of #UNGA #UN75 debates & celebrations! 📹 Full Summit: https://t.co/Saa7wAs3Tq 📸 All photos: https://t.co/TNboMfif3p

  • We are pleased the voice of business is part of the #UN75 report. We will work w/ @UN to respond to the aspirations & bring the power of the #privatesector to meet the moment & #BuildBackBetter, responding to the call of UN Chief @AntonioGuterres🇺🇳 ➡️ https://t.co/hNTwypdIzE

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    Building alliances to end child labour - Register now for joint digital event by @ioevoice IOE and @k_satyarthi Children's Foundation on 24 September at 14:00-15:30 (CEST). REGISTER HERE: https://t.co/ddebFA2g7P @KSCFIndia

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    Schibsted CEO @skogenlund @epic2030 #EqualPay event: There is a need to coordinate better among employers, govts and others to increase awareness, address the traditional role of women in society, burden sharing. Bold moves, incentives and 'nudging' diversity needed @ioevoice https://t.co/nafQEuZYiJ

  • On #EqualPayDay, IOE Secretary-General @robsuarezsantos stands with @epic2030 and highlights the need for a conducive environment for #sustainable #enterprises with women #entrepreneurs to do #business & use #digitalisation as a tool to integrate more #women in the #workforce https://t.co/oiSFpPIADH

  • 152 million children were working in child labour before #COVID19 and continue to rise. Join us on building alliances to eradicate child labour w/ @k_satyarthi, @robsuarezsantos, Martha Newton, @WiltonBrent, @Jacquelinemugo2 & @richardkooloos Register⬇️https://t.co/dSQK7ZkiAH

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    1/2 Decent work is a driver of sustainable development & this discussion will focus on experiences & policy priorities for formulating Just Transition strategies that can deliver improved livelihoods @ILO #SDGActionZone #UNGA 🗓️22 Sept - 9:00 EST ➡️https://t.co/O7bsKmK8lL https://t.co/HWFaYPcDPm

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    #B20GlobalDialogue - Germany | #B20FutureofWorkandEducation Co-Chair, Renate Hornung-Draus, joined the @Der_BDI members today to share the Taskforce agenda and policy recommendations to boost the employability of future generations. https://t.co/74o7XQKl22

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    #B20GlobalDialogue - France | Thank you to our esteemed speakers and business leaders for participating at the #B20 joint virtual event with @medef yesterday. Discussions ranged across several #B20SaudiArabia Taskforce priority areas and resulted in a productive session. https://t.co/5IMv5NVIWD

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    #B20GlobalDialogue - France | The #B20FutureofWorkandEducation Co-Chair - @Ekiresepi presented the Taskforce policy recommendations and discussed public-private collaborative action needed for a safe return to work at the joint virtual event with @medef. https://t.co/IvtHcLtm1H

  • 2/Priorities include a safe #returntowork in a more #resilient #labourmarket; enabling #SMEs & #entrepreneurs, and boosting #employability through transformed #education & #lifelonglearning. Further collaboration w/govts & #privatesector will be key for #recovery and beyond! @b20 https://t.co/IcPx3Y8GVZ

  • 1/IOE President @EKiresepi presents policy recommendations of the @b20 #FutureofWork & #Education Taskforce. With #COVID19, these are more relevant & pressing than ever, and we need to accelerate the necessary reforms! @MEDEF_I @medef https://t.co/oiFGKVJn6B

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    Key takeaways from @USCIB @IOE #multilateralismmatters2biz ✅Increase transparency & accountability on #SDGs ✅Build trust between @UN & businesses ✅Move to sustainable business practices ✅Build mechanisms to deliver solutions at speed & scale ✅Engage businesses of all sizes https://t.co/y9ddVt7kiS

  • [email protected] President P. Robinson @USCIB_CEO concludes our #multilateralismmatters2biz event: Inclusive #multilateralism must apply a collaborative, all hands-on deck approach that covers #COVID19 response and a just & #sustainablerecovery #UNGA #UNGa75 @USCIBKennedy @smgthink https://t.co/SqDN2VB8Q1

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