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  • At @atiaruba Annual Corporate Event @robsuarezsantos stresses that "never before it has been so important for business organisations to engage with educational systems". https://t.co/aFLG2Xpzg0

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    "Sustainibility of Social Protection Systems will not be achieved without economic growth. Enabling environment for business to create jobs, drive economic growth and development is more crucial than ever" @atiaruba @ioevoice https://t.co/SbQkqAOdTu

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    "Never before it has been so important for business organizations to provide guidance on skills and to engage with education systems, academia. Critical is providing guidance on innovation" @robsuarezsantos at @atiaruba Annual Corporate Event @ioevoice https://t.co/Pn4rEggOoZ

  • IOE, @UN @globalcompact & @KASonline are set to apply a gender lens in the face of the #COVID19 crisis. Join our digital event "#Womenpreneurs: from #startups to Stars" ✨ 8⃣ December ⏰ 13:45 CEST ➕ info and registration: https://t.co/ISjVOkkgKV https://t.co/W2ZF7Pn3Iw

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    Now life: @ioevoice member #ATIA is having its corporate annual networking event online. @ioevoice SG @robsuarezsantos is addressing the #Aruba & #Caribbean #business community. In the crisis collaboration is key. We need to come stronger out of the pandemic. https://t.co/udTVmYQMVA

  • How to accelerate economic #recovery from #COVID19 in #LatinAmerica & the #Caribbean? IOE and @UN Resident Coordinators from the region issued today a joint statement on the importance of #partnerships & #collaboration. Read more here 👉 https://t.co/ry9zHH2Kej #employers

  • On 24 November, IOE members worldwide took part in a tribute to IOE's past, present and future at the Centenary edition of our first-ever virtual General Council. Did you miss it? Here's a glimpse ▶️ https://t.co/EdfuwGtcvu #IOE100 #voiceofbusiness https://t.co/RvJ7SnGNtv

  • How has #COVID19 accelerated the #futureofwork? IOE Secretary-General @robsuarezsantos to bring the #voiceofbusiness to this high-level @ilo talk and bring measures to the table to help #enterprises and societies #buildbackbetter! ⏰ 8 December, 16:00 CET 👇👇👇 https://t.co/gYnuu6Ejnz

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    Today I attended the 2020 General Council of the International Organisation of Employers. I wish to congratulate the organisation for its 100th anniversary, a true reflection of the strong resilience of multilateral and public-private cooperation. https://t.co/Vw0dQVZD3e

  • IOE President @EKiresepi closes our #IOE100 General Council by thanking IOE Members, Management Board, staff and participants: "Despite #COVID19 disruption, we have managed to celebrate this milestone together & to raise our voices in support of an extraordinary institution". https://t.co/g6EVhTffLo

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    Diversity and cohesiveness is the strength @ioevoice says SG @robsuarezsantos at IOE General Council. I am honoured to be part of the diverse IOE family. Happy Centenary!!! https://t.co/PgtptiKB1x

  • .@BrentWilton, @robsuarezsantos & @BusinessUnitySA's S. Moabalobelo reincarnate IOE's past, present & future at our #IOE100 General Council! Our Centenary brings a renewed confirmation of our values, intentions, ambitions & aspirations for the next 💯 years! #voiceofbusiness https://t.co/bV1r0tWgQ6

  • Associate Professor in Political Science @marieke_lisbeth addressed our #IOE100 General Council and used former IOE President Jean-Jacques Oeschlin quote, "IOE is first and foremost a human community". She also shared her research results on several key aspects of IOE's history https://t.co/F1uLg8UULW

  • The concept of a global world is becoming a reality. "It's not the strongest or the largest who survives, but the most adaptable. IOE will help us stay adaptable & appreciate what’s happening at the global agenda": @ficci_india President @drsangitareddy at #IOE100 General Council https://t.co/AMthju8le9

  • .@Cgeci_Officiel President Jean-M. Ackah addresses our #IOE100 General Council: "IOE's Centenary is an opportunity to pay tribute to the men & women who laid the foundations of this organisation, which is today the voice of the private sector at the global level" #voiceofbusiness https://t.co/PD480Ndxju

  • At our #IOE100 General Council, the President of the Geneva Council, Anne Emery-Torracinta, highlights economic growth and a healthy environment are not two conflicting notions. On the contrary, they can coexist perfectly well. @VilleDeGeneve https://t.co/1EuLexRd5s

  • .@USCIB joined IOE after World War II; today we find ourselves rebuilding yet again. "We need to do more than find a way back to business as usual. We need to build #business back better & this is our time to do it", said Vice-Chair @parmeleemichele at our #IOE100 General Council https://t.co/ItMpaNl0b8

  • Our Peruvian member @CONFIEP believes, now more than ever, that "unity is strength". Their President @mleondecespedes addressed our General Council today and expressed their support for IOE's Manifesto & the key role of #business organisations in combating the difficulties ahead. https://t.co/mcY1CT5Hug

  • The designated Chair of @b20 Italy @MarcegagliaEmma says they're committed to convey impactful recommendations for #sustainablegrowth & #inclusion in a regenerated global governance ecosystem as they take over B20 Presidency. IOE will be a key partner along the process #IOE100 https://t.co/NXvZwuz0uB

  • "IOE has a real capacity to make a meaningful difference. In these deeply challenging times, I encourage you to continue working in the direction over a fairer, greener & more #sustainable labour world. Together, we can make these policy choices that sustain #decentwork" #IOE100

  • "IOE was among the first #business organisations to engage directly with the #multilateral system. IOE's long-year history reflects the strong resilience of multilateral and public-private #cooperation", says @UN_Valovaya, Director-General of @UNGeneva #IOE100 https://t.co/cOhPVkibZW

  • Can we fit 100 years of #business action in images? Challenge accepted! 📽️ Take a tour through the history of IOE 👇 and visit the full version of our just-launched history pages: https://t.co/nJPe25bc02 #IOE100 #voiceofbusiness https://t.co/CtmBfPiY4l

  • IOE President @EKiresepi proudly welcomes participants to our #IOE100 General Council: "Despite massive historical political headwinds & social upheaval, we, #Employers, remain a united force, navigating the changes & staying focused on promoting the #voiceofbusiness worldwide" https://t.co/hyu9WMv4l4

  • Our #IOE100 General Council is about to start! ⚠️ Spoiler alert: a new history book and dedicated centenary web pages are coming! Don't miss IOE's past, present & future, high-level speakers, video messages and more! 💻 Stay tuned as we live tweet! https://t.co/cy5QYPE47Y https://t.co/KR0tfNeZJ8

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    There are new opportunities as a result of the #COVID19 pandemic, says @MatthiasThorns. There is, for example, a new impetus to create partnerships between the public and private sectors in developing countries, he explains. https://t.co/qRtOzGcJZd

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Established for one hundred years...

150 +

We have more than 150 employer and business organisation members...

140 +

in more than 140 countries spanning the globe...

50 million +

We represent the interests of more than 50 million companies...

100s of millions

that employ hundreds of millions of workers...


We are one global employer community... 

Issues impacting employment and business are expanding in scope and pace.

"I am pleased to lead IOE as the voice of business in social and employment policy discussions at the ILO and other global forums. Our purpose is to ensure that these policies foster an enabling environment for business and play a key role in wealth and job creation. 2020 is an extraordinary year as we celebrate our Centenary and reaffirm our global role. Please join us as we build IOE's future together."

Erol Kiresepi, IOE President



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