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  • A new #trade agreement between Canada, Mexico & USA threatened to limit Mexican #companies' exports to the other two countries. How did it get solved? 📄 Read the latest edition of IOE-@WECglobal #industrialrelations & #labourlaw newsletter 👉 https://t.co/r1cvzrMOew https://t.co/8mIzIpCcKh

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    As long as more than 60% of all workers globally are in #informality, we will not make huge progress in reaching the #SDGs. An enabling #business environment is key to facilitate the transition to formal sector - Matthias Thorns at #PFD Thematic session @MatthiasThorns @ioevoice

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    At the #EU PFD Meeting @AwukuIOE calls for stronger consultation and engagement of local social partners. #EmployerOrganisations play a key role in setting #development priorities and the #Agenda2030. @ioevoice https://t.co/MscWHsOfQB

  • What are the opportunities for #employers in adapting to #environmental challenges & how can they be seized in the wake of #COVID19 to create #sustainablegrowth? 📋 Our latest papers look at the benefits of #ClimateAction but also the risks of inaction 👉 https://t.co/DgoXna1Pky https://t.co/2JdnDVCFcc

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    Federation of Egyptian Industries and @ioevoice running a joint workshop on #RBC and #HumanRights. #capacitybuilding, #peerlearning key to push the #BizHumanRights agenda forward. Thank you @ElSayedTorky for the great cooperation. #employers #Agenda2030 https://t.co/Lx4WKCpNwC

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    Congratulations @theumfcci and Danish Industry on the new Myanmar- Danish Business Partnership to strengthen the Employers Organisation Department (EOD). @ioevoice wishes you all the success. 🎉🥂 https://t.co/CHk4Gllnmj

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    At @theumfcci & #Danish (DI) Business Partnership Agreement signing ceremony, @ioevoice @AkustinaM highlights that without strong independent and representative #employer organisations, it would be difficult to tackle the challenges of social peace and stable employment relations https://t.co/wduoy1PpTM

  • IOE supports @ilo's 2020 Global Media Competition awarding exemplary reporting on #fairrecruitment and #labourmigration with a focus on #COVID19. 📢 Professional and student journalists are invited to submit their stories & multimedia by 31 October 👉 https://t.co/OZ9JpRkelM https://t.co/zCk5Jy6K4L

  • At IOE-@BusinessatOECD webinar on anti-#corruption & #humanrights, Brent Wilton from @CocaColaCo says this is going to become more of an issue, especially given the vulnerability of the #informal economy. We need a coordinated response rather than dealing with it through silos. https://t.co/BOkvOlYdvG

  • "#Employer Orgs can facilitate peer-learning & alliances between companies & stakeholders, can speak up vis-à-vis governments and directly engage in policymaking through their participation in councils": @Tzoro at IOE-@BusinessatOECD webinar on linking #humanrights & #corruption https://t.co/PZaLCMtt9B

  • At IOE-@BusinessatOECD webinar on connecting anti-#corruption & #humanrights, @Tzoro1 highlights tearing down silos requires a common goal, collective action & implementation strategies. IOE-BIAC Guide in the field outlines the benefits of doing so & the way of doing it, the how. https://t.co/RITENkaHIW

  • IOE Secretary-General @robsuarezsantos and @BusinessatOECD Acting Secretary-General Hanni Rosembaun open our joint webinar on connecting anti-#corruption & #humanrights agendas presenting our timely guide in the field. Join us online ❗️ https://t.co/lIqO43a8Vf https://t.co/Ha3rh4jTCQ

  • ⏰ 1 hour until IOE-@BusinessatOECD's webinar exploring key findings of our latest guide aimed at helping companies & #employers leverage potential synergies between #humanrights & anti-#corruption agendas. Sign up now 👉 https://t.co/hPe4GTGaNO https://t.co/r8xQrbg4uH

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    Have you ever thought about how to incorporate human rights aspects into your corporate training programs? Do you want to know more? Take part in our joint event with @ioevoice and our guest speakers ➡️https://t.co/eRx376rcXk 📅 19th October ⏰ 2.00 PM - 3.30 PM https://t.co/IA3DdkRHJi

  • #COVID19 crisis & lockdowns are taking a significant toll on people's mental health. How to tackle the stigma of mental health at work? Read our latest blog on this critical issue ➡️ https://t.co/pJYHgfEhuu #mentalhealth #stopthestigma #wellbeingatwork https://t.co/IUYx6NAjaG

  • 2/"Stronger engagement w/#socialpartners is key, not only in #pandemic response but also in negotiations, implementation & follow-up mechanisms of #Agenda2030. Only their active involvement can enhance policy coherence & effective implementation": @EKiresepi @Tisk_kurumsal forum https://t.co/quA6QqE4lm

  • 1/At @Tisk_kurumsal's forum, IOE President @EKiresepi highlights global #employers' priorities as we move forward: focus on #jobs, sustainable #socialprotection systems, #skillsdevelopment, effective #OSH frameworks & #buildbackgreener #TogetherPossible #BuildBackBetter #COVID19 https://t.co/IxiSRYy4x3

  • Harnessing female talent in the #digitaleconomy is one of the priorities for IOE's #GenderNetwork ❗️ 📹 Watch our latest exchange on promoting #diversity in the digital space with @Microsoft, @UNICEF & #women #business leaders from LATAM, Africa & Asia ➡️ https://t.co/ImOdPHvexs https://t.co/KI2oavpkEc

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    How can we connect business, human rights and anti-corruption? ➡️Discover it on our jointly @ioevoice virtual event and our guest speakers from @OECD @UN @ioevoice and @BusinessatOECD. 📅 19th October ⏰ 2.00 PM - 3.30 PM Registrations open here ➡️https://t.co/eRx376rcXk https://t.co/nOTh5STIHp

  • According to @OECD #Employment Outlook 2020, when job protection is too high, efficient job allocation & innovation are likely to suffer. These and other key findings to be found in the latest edition of IOE-@WECglobal #industrialrelations newsletter 👉 https://t.co/r1cvzrvcPW https://t.co/Y7up4qcW6T

  • Our Member @Tisk_kurumsal organises a 2nd meeting of the Joint Dialogue Forum on "Our Working Life in the New Normal". Join IOE President @EKiresepi, @ilo DG @GuyRyder, @ituc SG @SharanBurrow & @BusinessEurope DG Markus J. Beyrer in a conversation on #COVID19 & the #worldofwork⬇️ https://t.co/OKjIgpMWWn

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    .@Tisk_kurumsal Joint Dialogue Forum “Our Working Life in New Normal” will bring together distinguished workers, employers & public representatives for an important global engagement on #COVID19 & the future of #Working life. 🗓15-16 October ℹhttps://t.co/e7SZ1Nvcvd #BUSINESSMED https://t.co/5n79gqjp5U

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    Roberto Suárez-Santos, SG @ioevoice and Hanni Rosenbaum, Acting SG @BusinessatOECD will deliver opening remarks to present our practical guide for companies on connecting the human rights and anti-corruption agendas. 📅19 October ⏰2.00-3.30 PM To join➡️https://t.co/48oufcVqcn https://t.co/4H7Sft9YDf

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    Jointly with @ioevoice, we will present next Monday one of the first practical guides to help companies leverage potential synergies between the human rights and anti-corruption agendas. Join our virtual event via Zoom from 2PM to 3.30 PM here➡️https://t.co/eRx376rcXk https://t.co/RVIb0ZTORF

  • Corrupt practices & human rights abuses share many of the same root causes. How to connect the anti-#corruption and #humanrights agendas? Join IOE-@BusinessatOECD webinar on 19 October (14:00 CET) exploring key findings of our latest guide in the field 👉 https://t.co/4SSCbFOO4S https://t.co/fbpV6lqaSk

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Erol Kiresepi, IOE President



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