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  • What are the most important priorities in shaping the road to #recovery post-#COVID19 and delivering on #SDG8 on economic growth & #decentwork? The recent IOE-@WECglobal's publication has some of the keys ➡️ https://t.co/v2lFCBoZxX #BuildBackBetter https://t.co/2NT3NXUk2c

  • The 1st fully virtual @ilo sectoral meeting brought together government, worker & #employer representatives last week to promote decent & sustainable work in the automotive industry. An enabling #business environment & meeting the industry's future #skills needs will be key. https://t.co/D3rGZy8t3P

  • 2021 marks the Int'l Year for the Elimination of #ChildLabour! Join us on 4 March to explore: ✅ Achievements ⏭️ The next level of concrete actions 🔎 IOE's campaign activities, including the #EndChildLabour Changemaker Award 🏆 And ➕ Register here ➡️ https://t.co/zJF1azkdRw https://t.co/l4mpFyu5bZ

  • On 25 February, top @UN officials, #business leaders & #socialpartners gathered online to shed light on measures available for #companies & organisations to ensure a safe #reopening & return to the #workplace for staff. Did you miss it? Watch it here 👇 https://t.co/0M0jThCDzo

  • 💻💼 @ilo's World Employment & Social Outlook Report #WESO2021 overlooks the major opportunities digital #technologies & connectivity offer to economic growth, labour market expansion & the improvement in the well-being of millions of people. Read why ⬇️ https://t.co/7lOrS8Sk9U

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    Promoting diverse forms of #work is one policy options for a job rich, productive, sustainable & quality road to recovery from #Covid19. Read more about our joint recommendations with @ioevoice https://t.co/UxaVadfOzE https://t.co/Ir6IzD3yCq

  • Co-founder of @BP2Convince Scott Ratzan presents the six key messages of the @USCIB #Convince campaign on promoting preventive measures. He also stresses the importance of #partnerships to spread these messages internationally. #backtowork #reopening #COVID19 https://t.co/JXTFVxZOiC

  • .@Brandsonmission Founder @Myriam_Sidibe speaks on #backtowork & #reopening: "I don't believe work is going to come back to the way it was and I don't think it should". She also highlights #communication as key as we move forward. #COVID19 https://t.co/6ubDSoQnI3

  • On #backtowork & #reopening, @AdeccoGroup's @jerickdevelle says we can face a big danger by not communicating enough with workers on preventive measures https://t.co/52gLb4pwL8

  • "Different circumstances require different solutions from different people all over the world", says IOE VP for the @ilo, @tzoro1, who reiterates the words from @WHO that #vaccines aren't a silver bullet. We should encourage everyone to take other preventive measures as well. https://t.co/f8yRUMODol

  • 2/"Global #solidarity on economic, social and environmental issues will get us out of this crisis", adds @ituc General-Secretary @SharanBurrow. #backtowork #reopening #COVID19

  • 1/#Socialpartners' voice is key for a safe #reopening & return to #workplaces. @ituc's @SharanBurrow brings the voice of #workers to our event, who calls on governments to step up on plans for trusted #recovery & the implementation of @ilo Centenary Declaration. https://t.co/i0K16q6DW6

  • 2/"Ensuring workforce #skills post-#Covid is one of the most pressing concerns of #employers, as those skills needed before the #pandemic may not be those we need after it", adds @DieBDA CEO Steffen Kampeter #backtowork #reopening

  • 1/@DieBDA CEO Steffen Kampeter brings the voice of the #employers' organisations to our #backtowork event: "That we have a vaccine right now is a success of free #enterprise." #reopening https://t.co/y5ApuorgCi

  • 2/@WHO Department Director @Kate_L_Obrien gives us some of the keys on #backtowork & #reopening: "Workplaces are critical for information sharing of accurate and valid information on the #vaccines and the rollout" https://t.co/BagZgdKmr8

  • 1/On #backtowork & #reopening, @WHO Director of Immunization, Vaccines & Biologicals @Kate_L_OBrien provides a comprehensive overview of where we are on #vaccinations: "#Vaccines are not a silver bullet. We do not have the information yet whether they prevent infection" https://t.co/aHy9RFCQDm

  • Where do we want to go as we move forward post-#COVID and to #buildbackbetter? Let's not only think of what we'll be obliged to do but what we want to do, says @ilo DG @GuyRyder in his opening remarks on #backtowork & #reopening https://t.co/bArDMQm6L9

  • #Vaccines don't replace basic health measures like #testing, #physicaldistancing, #masks & #handhygiene. #Employers have a key role to play in a sustainable response & #recovery that fosters safe working conditions and physical & mental health of employees. @WHO @DrTedros https://t.co/DbcVIcVt6e

  • "IOE is set to provide guidance to #companies & take further joint action w/our #business orgs and @WHO, @ilo, @ituc & other stakeholders to provide answers on the effective preventive culture that we need to go back to the #workplace premises": @EKiresepi #backtowork #reopening https://t.co/4bP5aXlN4c

  • Can current trends in #vaccination, #testing & preventive measures help us prepare for a return to the #workplace? This & other issues to be explored in 1⃣ hour at our event w/top @UN officials & #business leaders ⏰Tune in at 13:30 CET➡️https://t.co/deyvwRgdcr #voiceofbusiness https://t.co/BDrR4Uf2mn

  • "Digital platforms offer numerous opportunities. A restrictive approach will deprive people of this potential. @ilo's Centenary Declaration on the #FutureofWork provides a balanced approach on how to address #platform work challenges": @robsuarezsantos on #WESO2021 report https://t.co/ZpxoSCMaJT

  • Last chance to register❗️ Don't miss our key discussion featuring high-level @WHO & @ilo speakers and world leaders on available measures to safely reopening #businesses during #COVID19 in 2021. ⏰ Tomorrow at 13:30 CET ➡️ Sign up now: https://t.co/deyvwRgdcr #voiceofbusiness https://t.co/O8UtSxU0Ou

  • In many #African countries the engagement of #employers & #business orgs in #trade negotiations allow for access to skilled expertise. EBMOs are well-placed to participate in national policymaking & are able to bring in experience from local & regional businesses @Tzoro1 #AfCFTA https://t.co/WZfF5MIiF1

  • The energy sector faces specific challenges related to the #AfCFTA. The Founder of Okapi Supply Trading Advisory, Mohamed Ndao, says bringing together private investors & states will be key to overcome them and increase oil consumption & growth in #Africa https://t.co/SWFUN7f4oo

  • .@ITCnews Senior #AfCFTA Coordinator @ADiallo_ITC stresses that AfCTA needs to be an engine of #inclusion with support to #MSMEs, #women and young #entrepreneurs central to its actions. They are key to building a future in #Africa. https://t.co/UqBZKs1aai

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"I am pleased to lead IOE as the voice of business in social and employment policy discussions at the ILO and other global forums. Our purpose is to ensure that these policies foster an enabling environment for business and play a key role in wealth and job creation. 2020 is an extraordinary year as we celebrate our Centenary and reaffirm our global role. Please join us as we build IOE's future together."

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