Issues impacting employment and business are expanding in scope and pace.

"IOE plays a unique role as the only representative voice of business in social and employment policy discussions in the ILO and other global forums. We want to ensure that employment and social policies foster an enabling environment for business and play a key role in wealth and job creation. We welcome you to this new IOE website which details our role and aspirations, and invite you to be in contact with us for any questions or comments."

Erol Kiresepi, IOE President


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    Ms Renate Hornung-Draus of Confederation of German Employers' Associations chairs @ilo session 3 'Full Employment: beyond simple job counting' during the Symposium on the Future of Full Employment @ioevoice

  • 2/"Changing mindsets is an important part of #skills; the workplace can be an important environment for fostering human skills and #environmental awareness", says @ioevoice SG @robsuarezsantos at #COP25 session launching @ilo "Skills for a Greener Future" Report

  • 1/@ioevoice Secretary-General @robsuarezsantos at the launch of @ILO "Skills for a Greener Future" Report during #COP25: informal learning & digital #skills also need to be part of the mix of solutions and are already gaining importance! #TimeForAction

  • .@UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres supports accelerated and #tripartite action for better and more sustainable jobs! #COP25 #TimeForAction @ioevoice @ilo @ituc @COP25CL @UNFCCC @robsuarezsantos

  • "#Informality & the #skills agenda are crosscutting issues which represent an opportunity for significant change; @ioevoice is committed to working with the @ilo and solving this challenge in countries & regions that need it most", says @robsuarezsantos at #COP25 #TimeForAction

  • @robsuarezsantos @ilo @GuyRyder @COP25CL @UNFCCC @SharanBurrow @ituc "We need to bring the global to local, we represent a powerful network that has the keys to implementation on the ground. @oievoice is committed to improving the global economy with our membership": IOE SG @robsuarezsantos at #COP25. #TimeforAction

  • At #COP25 high-level panel, @ioevoice Secretary-General @robsuarezsantos stresses the importance of concerted action. The key dimension of #skills and mindsets, flexibility and adaptability are needed to unleash the potential opportunities! #TimeForAction #ClimateAction

  • At #COP25 high-level event on #ClimateAction for Jobs Initiative, @ilo Director-General @GuyRyder advocates for the right #skills policies to prevent economic disruption & #entreprise policies with innovative fiscal approaches that work for #SMEs, often left behind #TimeforAction

  • ❗️Today, @ioevoice is at #COP25 at the high-level event on the #ClimateAction for Jobs Initiative launched by @ilo. @UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres says #economicgrowth and #sustainability are mutually reinforcing and together can provide better jobs for all!

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    First Annual meeting of the UN Network on migration in Geneva. It has potential to have impact on the ground, provided that it engages with the representative stakeholders. @ioevoice serves as a bridge to connect the UN to employers. #powerofthenetwork #PPP

  • .@ioevoice at #COP25: Any economic transformation requires an enabling environment and a clear regulatory framework just like normal business. Fostering #skills and #entrepreneurship through #business organisations can create a more efficient process. #TimeForAction

  • On #HumanRightsDay, IOE and its network of more than 150 Employers' Organisations representing more than 50 million companies will continue to determinedly address human rights risks and their underlying causes. Read our full blog here👉

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    Watch Out! The 6th Summit on Job Creation in #Africa is coming to #Nigeria hosted by @necadotorg powered by @ioevoice Date: 25-26 Feb. 2020 #employment #skills #financing #Youth #SMEs #businessdevelopment #entrepreneurship #socialdialogue

  • 2/"Adapting to #climatechange can create a more resilient economy, boost #employment & ensure #sustainablegrowth but only with #business-friendly policies & by actively engaging the #privatesector": @robsuarezsantos during #BizMEF Forum held in parallel to #COP25 #TimeForAction

  • 1/IOE Secretary-General @robsuarezsantos at the #BizMEF Forum, on the sidelines of #COP25, speaks on the importance of job opportunities, #skills challenges and #multilateralism to achieve ambitious #climateaction. #TimeForAction

  • Over 400 #Employers, Workers & Government delegates from 49 African countries gathered at the @ilo's 14th African Regional Meeting #AFRM1. Read the just adopted Abidjan Declaration, set to shape the #futureofwork in #Africa👉

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    Alexandre Furlan, @ioevoice VP, celebrating #ILO100 in the San Paulo Academy of Labour Law “we see a strong @ilo which can provide a harmonious balance between social progress & economic development”

  • 🗓️Save the date! During its Centenary year, IOE co-organises an International #Biz & Human Rights Conference in Bonn, Germany on 22 April 2020. #SupplyChains, #HumanRights due diligence, the way forward and much more! @DeutschePostDHL @DieBDA 📡Stay tuned

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    Our dear brother @Megateli1 Vice-President, Africa for the IOE making a closing statement on behalf of employers at the #14thAfricanRegionalMeeting #ARM #Abidjan #Côtedivoire @ILOAfrica @ilo @ioevoice @oievoz @oievoix @productivitysa @deptoflabour @FKEKenya @BusinessUnitySA

  • #Business understands the risks of #climate inaction and requires stable & clear regulations as well as support for #SMEs, which often face particular challenges. Change is happening but it can be accelerated with #skills programmes & #innovation frameworks! #COP25 #TimeForAction

  • .@ioevoice calls for more training programmes for current and future employees to give them the skills needed for the next generation of jobs. Speaking at the 9th meeting of the @UfMSecretariat High-Level Working Group on #Employment & #Labour. #Education #training #skills

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    Starting now! @ILO Regional Forum on Convention 169 in Lima @ituc ⁦@ioevoice⁩ ⁦@OITAmericas⁩ #169 #SGDs ⁦@UN4Indigenous⁩ ⁦@filac_⁩

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    Today! @ioevoice is also in @OITAmericas to support Employers in the Regional Forum on #C169 to support and guide #ILO strategy on #indigenoustribalpeoples #socialdiogue #consultation #institutions #capacitybuilding #employmentopportunities #SDGs

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    .@neghza_saida, #BUSINESSMED Pres: Smart infrastructure development is at the heart of growth & job creation in the short & long term. This is only feasible if we focus on ways to encourage the private sector to invest in infrastructure projects in the #Mediterranean. #Med2019

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    “Flexibility allows of growth and of adaptation to the needs and opportunities of the unknown future; rigidity is likely to result in frustration rather than progress”. International Labour Conference, Montreal 1946. @IOEVOICE @Tzoro1 @robsuarezsantos @AkustinaM #futureofwork

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