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Meeting of IOE members from Europe and Central Asia in 2022

Meeting of IOE members from Europe and Central Asia in 2021

1st Regional Forum on Business and Human Rights in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Organised by the United Nations

Event for Europe and Central Asia: Collective action – the Do's and Don'ts to strengthen partnerships for addressing systemic challenges

Event organised by IOE at UN Forum

Europe and Central Asia IOE members meeting

Registration open now for 9 September session.

Europe and Central Asia digital conference on Covid-19 business response

Digital conference on Tuesday 21 April 2020 from 14:00-15:30 bringing together IOE members to review business response to Covid-19 in the region

2020 Social Affairs Committee (SAC) Meeting

Organized by BusinessEurope

9th meeting of the UfM High-Level Working Group on Employment and Labour

Organised by the European Commission

Annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, Geneva

Meeting of IOE members from Europe and Central Asia

Strategy Meeting of the Business at OECD ELSA

Organised by OECD BIAC

Global Young Employer Organisation Professionals' Academy

IOE-CEOE International Conference on Business & Human Rights

IOE-CEOE Workshop on support national employers' organisations need to provide member services on the respect of human rights

4th Union for the Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Employment and Labour

IOE-CEOE Workshop on giving SMEs the right tools & support to respect human rights

EU Global Policy Forum on Development

ILO-European Commission (EC) meeting on Industrial Relations

Meeting with Movement of Entreprises of France (MEDEF)

BDA’s EU Social Policy Committee meeting

BusinessEurope Social Affairs Committee (SAC) Meeting 2019

11th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Summit

Global Business Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals

Meeting of IOE Members from Europe and Central Asia (Riga, 13-14 September 2018)

OECD Experts meeting on Collective bargaining, job quality and the future of work

EU Policy Forum on Development (PFD) Task Team Meeting

EU Partnership Forum 2018

Migration and the local workforce: how to respond to employers' needs?

Multistakeholder Informal consultation on Business and Human Rights

5th Annual IOE Forum during the ILC: Building a workforce for the future with diversity, equality and inclusion

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