World business community launches IOE Manifesto

The global IOE membership issues a Manifesto for the next 20 years of business action.

With a membership of more than 150 national independent organisations representing over 50 million companies worldwide that employ hundreds of millions of workers, the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) has been the global voice of the private sector for one hundred years, advocating for sustainable economic and social policies that promote free enterprise, thriving businesses and a fair society that works for everyone.

The IOE Manifesto sets out the scope of challenges and opportunities ahead for employer organisations and the businesses they represent – from the technological revolution with its massive digital disruption, to climate change and sustainable development.

As we address the severe economic effects of the measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, it is all the more urgent to place sustainable enterprises at the heart of recovery planning and to establish the conditions for growth and employment that also promote the benefits of sustainable development for the long-term, beyond the 2030 timeframe.

The Manifesto details the values that underpin the future direction of IOE, inspired by its previous 100 years of activity. It elaborates on what concrete steps governments together with business can take to meet emerging and yet unknown transformations in the world of work.  

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