ILO Committee of Experts: Call for comments

Please submit comments between 15 September – 1 October. New factsheets on ILO Committee of Experts and CAS to provide guidance.

The 2020 Report of the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations (CEACR) was published earlier this year and was supposed to be discussed in June at the International Labour Conference. However, due to Covid-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the conference, the discussion is now deferred to June 2021.

The Governing Body has requested the Governments to submit updated information on their application of ILO Conventions in line with their Article 22 reporting obligation. The Committee of Experts will meet in November 2020 to review the updated information and prepare observations in light of the Covid-19 developments.

Employers’ organisations may impact the deliberations and outcomes of the CEACR by sending comments on the application in law and practice of ratified Conventions at national level. The reporting period for submitting comments is 15 September - 1 October 2020.

Why is it important for an Employers’ Organisation to submit comments to the CEACR? Employers’ comments are important because they:

  • provide the business perspective on how an ILO member State is applying a ratified Convention in law and practice;  
  • neutralise/balance/complement comments by trade unions (who are extremely active and can sometimes be very negative);  
  • influence the insertion or exclusion of a particular ILO member State in the list of individual cases to be examined by the ILO Conference Committee on the Application of Standards (CAS) in June 2021.

How can employers' organisations impact the deliberations and outcomes of the CEACR?

Employers’ comments should not only highlight problems in the implementation of a Convention and its negative impact on the private sector, but also emphasise progress, achievements and innovative trends in application. Employers’ Organisations can submit comments to the CEACR on the application of any ratified Convention irrespective of whether your Government will be sending a report or not.

On which Conventions will my Government be sending information to the CEACR this year?

The information on the list of reporting obligations for each country is available on the ILO Country Profiles under the respective country situation on reporting obligations / Regular reporting (Art.22/35) / Reporting schedule on ratified Conventions over 3 or 6 years and reply to CEACR comments/2020.

How can your employers’ organisation submit your comments?

Employers' organisations can address their comments directly to their Government, which will then be communicated to the ILO. However, you may also send your comments directly to the ILO at orgs-ceacr(at) We would be grateful if you also send us a copy of your submission at anzorreguy(at) and yip(at)

We are available to assist you in preparing and reviewing your comments. In the "Resources" section you will find IOE factsheets on CEACR and CAS for more information.

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