IOE attends the Global Healthy Workplace Awards (GHWA) in Singapore

As a member of the Advisory board of the Global Centre for Healthy Workplace, the IOE attended the Global Healthy Workplace Awards (GHWA) on 2 September 2017, which took place in Singapore the day before the opening of the World Congress on Safety and Health at work. The GHWA are designed for organisations implementing programs that excel in creating healthy workplaces. The Awards demonstrate an employer's focus on promoting a safe and healthy work environment and the health of its employees while producing business essential outcomes.  Below you will find links to useful documents presented at the Awards of particular interest to IOE Members and Partners: Good Practices Healthy Workplaces ReportNGO Handbook - Advancing Duty of Care and Healthy WorkplacesHealthy Investments - Discussion Paper on Investors’ Perceptions of Workplace Well-being For more information, please contact Pierre Vincensini, IOE Adviser

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