IOE to participate in Alliance 8.7 Strategy Workshop

The SDG Alliance 8.7, a global, multi-stakeholder alliance committed to eradicating forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour, and achieving Target 8.7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, was officially launched in September 2016 by the ILO in New York.

On 1 to 3 February 2017 an Alliance 8.7 Strategy Workshop will be held in London. The workshop will bring together 40-50 critical stakeholders and decision makers key to accelerating efforts to eradicate forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour, in line with new SDG deadlines. This meeting seeks to progress from the conceptual phase to implementation, through practical discussion among the major actors working to achieve Target 8.7. The aims of this workshop will be to determine the priority focus areas of Alliance 8.7, to agree on a work plan for each focus area, integrating existing organisational and institutional strategies, and to provide input to define the role and structure of Alliance 8.7. The IOE will be present at the Workshop to provide strategic input to these discussions.

The SDG Alliance presents a unique opportunity for global cooperation to coordinate anti-labour exploitation action within the broader spectrum of sustainable development goals such as poverty, education, decent work, inequalities, peace and justice. The IOE welcomes Alliance 8.7 and the opportunity for partnership, cooperation and leveraging of resources it represents.

For more information, please contact Amelia Espejo, IOE Adviser

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