2nd Forum European, Latin American and Carribean Businesswomen 'Creativity and Innovation: Successful business cases'



Organised by the ILO, UN Women, the EU and IOE

Aim of the meeting

"WIN-WIN: GENDER EQUALITY MEANS GOOD BUSINESS" is a joint programme of ILO and UN Women, funded by the European Union. Through the promotion of "business case", this programme seeks to promote gender equality to increase women's economic empowerment and leadership as the basis for sustainable, inclusive, and equitable growth. This activity is held in the framework of the Businesswomen Network of Latin America and the Caribbean created last year in collaboration with IOE.

It aims to continue to expand this Network's outreach to the European businesswomen to recognise the challenges and opportunities they have to continue building and growing their businesses, including during these challenging times of the COVID-19 crisis when all companies' viability has come to a stake. More information to be made available soon.

IOE Role

To co-host the meeting.

IOE address

71 Avenue Louis-Casaï
1216 Cointrin
Geneva, Switzerland

T: +41 22 929 00 00
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