ILO-European Commission (EC) meeting on Industrial Relations



ILO, Geneva


Alessandra Assenza

Senior Adviser
+41 (0) 22 929 00 09

Roberto Suárez Santos

+41 (0) 22 929 00 00

Aim of the meeting

Building on earlier collaboration between the ILO and the EC in the field of Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue, this project aims at supporting national employers’ and workers’ organisations in the EU by generating knowledge that can help them address the major challenges and grasp opportunities in a changing world of work.

A kick-off workshop in Geneva on 7-8 February 2019 will give the opportunity to social partners to discuss and define the joint topics related to the “changing world of work” they would like this project to focus on (3-4 topics can be selected).

IOE Role in the meeting

Guide the employers in the determination of the topics for the project and set the agenda for separate meetings of employers’ organisations only.