The Trade Union Message To European Leaders

Spring Tripartite Social Summit in Brussels, on 21 March 2018

As EU leaders and social partners meet for the annual Spring Tripartite Social Summit in Brussels, on 21 March 2018, the European Trade Union Confederation reiterates its call on the EU and Member States to boost public and private investment, to create high-quality jobs and increase internal demand through pay rises and upward wage convergence, and to tackle inequalities and social exclusion by ambitious implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Three sub-themes fed into this discussion: Reinforcing innovation, job creation and social fairness in the Multiannual Financial Framework; New forms of work: challenges and opportunities for employment and social dialogue, and Economic and social convergence to strengthen growth and resilience.

European Trade Union Confederation General Secretary Luca Visentini’s speech to EU leaders at the Spring Tripartite Social Summit can be found here.


Business Europe's President, Emma Marcegaglia, representing employers (BusinessEurope, CEEP, UEAPME) said: "2017 has been a good year for the economy but implementation of national reforms continues to lag behind. Delivering reform commitments is essential to ensure that our social market economy continues to thrive, supported by high-performing public services. Despite the relatively recent recovery, skills shortages are already at their highest level in over 20 years, undermining the falls in unemployment and SMEs growth prospects. Labour market reforms and skills adaptation remain key priorities. The next European Multi-annual Financial Framework should focus on measures supporting long-term growth and enhancing employment. We also need to deepen our Economic and Monetary Union, develop our Single Market and put in place a real industrial strategy based on innovation. In view of the US intentions regarding steel and aluminium which can lead to damaging trade wars, defending the rules-based multilateral system and fighting protectionism is more important than ever."




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