17 July 2017
GFMD Business Mechanism reports on the outcomes of the 10th GFMD Summit in Berlin on 28-30 June 2017

Following the successful launch of the Business Mechanism as a permanent stakeholder of the GFMD on the occasion of the 9th GFMD Summit in Dhaka in December 2016, the private sector was once again well represented at the 10th GFMD Summit, which took place in Berlin on 28-30 June under the co-chairmanship of the governments of Germany and Morocco.

As coordinator of the GFMD Business Mechanism, the IOE was involved throughout the State-led summit by bringing the voice of business to the discussion, as well as organizing the GFMD Business Meeting.

The business meeting was a dedicated space for the private sector to articulate their recommendations and share their expertise regarding labour migration. Keynote speakers highlighted the need for effective, clear and timely policies that facilitate skills mobility.

Austin Fragomen, chair of the Business Advisory Group to the GFMD, recalled that improving cooperation and governance are essential for policy coherence and effective implementation of the global framework on migration, which United Nations Member States committed to adopt in 2018. Better known as the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration (GCM), this instrument should guide States in their governance of international migration.

Speakers from the United Nations family included top-level decision makers: Louise Arbour, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General; William Swing, Director-General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM); and Deborah Greenfield, the ILO’s Deputy Director- General for Policy. They expressed their full support to the Business Mechanism as an important player in migration debates.

In addition to the internal meeting dedicated to business priorities, the private sector was invited to contribute to Government sessions, as well as to the common space, a platform for interaction with governments and civil society. (A detailed report may be downloaded via the link in the side panel).

A major outcome of the 2017 GFMD business meeting is the official Business Mechanism Paper, “Toward a Global Compact on Migration: Perspectives on Labour Migration from the GFMD Business Mechanism”, which may also be downloaded via the link in the side panel). The paper clearly sets out the private sector’s recommendations and policy suggestions for the GCM.

Next steps

The GFMD Business Mechanism will continue to refine their recommendations, along with key performance indicators, which will be submitted at the last GCM consultations on labour mobility and skills development, which will take place in Geneva on 12-13 October. For more information about the GCM process: http://refugeesmigrants.un.org/thematic-sessions .

The GFMD Business Mechanism will continue its work of providing a bridge between the world of business and labour migration policymakers to ensure that the global migration framework take into account labour market needs.

Get involved in ensuring the voice of the private sector shapes global business advocacy vis-à-vis governments on how to bring down the barriers and costs to recruitment. 

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