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  • How is #business committing to advancing the #SDGs & #DecadeofAction while tackling #COVID19❓ 📆Join @ioevoice-@globalcompact-@USCIB-@iccwbo-@AmChemistry side event “Inclusive #Multilateralism in Action” tomorrow at 12:00 (EST) in parallel to #HLPF2020

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    Amazing exchange with @IBAnews Global Employment Institute presenting the @ioevoice views on the Labour Challenges and policy trends after #Covid19 @gunther_mvers @ANNEMARIEMUNTZ @Larsdoyer @MercerMexico @OscardelaVegaG @welz_christian

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    Mark your calendars for the 7th to the 9th of July. Watch the global events at the #ILOSummit. Join the largest online gathering of key actors from the world of work, coming together, to discuss building a #betterfutureofwork.

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    @GabriellaHerzog #Americas #ILOSummit “a thriving private sector contributes to #welfaregrowth, taxes, pays better #wages, promotes #trade, invests and creates opportunities for many. It creates genuine emoyment that enables people earn an income to achieve their aspirations”

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    @GabriellaHerzog “business continuity is a key element in protecting livelihoods and keeping economies and societies afloat” #Americas #ILOSummit @ioevoice @USCIB @ilo @ILO_NewYork @OITAmericas

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    2/2..It is urgent that governments establish strategic guidelines for the medium and long term in consultation with the Social Partners which will rebuild Private Sector confidence to invest once the crisis is over. These policies must be solid, clear, and sustained over time."

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    “To accelerate the recovery and build a better future, business needs an enabling environment to carry out its activities. It is urgent that governments establish strategic guidelines for the medium and long term in consultation with the Social Partners...1/2

  • "#Privatesector is key to generate productive #employment that drives social stability. #Enterprises ranging from the small corner store to big multinational companies that exist throughout the #Americas and the world can create the #jobs needed in the market": @wcchen #ILOSummit

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    Wayne Chen, #Caribbean Employers Confederation at #ILOSummit #Americas on #lessonslearnt : “we need incentives to generate more formal enterprises” “we need to diversify our economies” @ioevoice #SDGs @ilo @OITAmericas @ILOCaribbean

  • The revival of the #economy, reconstruction of #enterprises & restoration of #jobs in the new context will require an extraordinary collective effort. To avoid the #pandemic from infecting #employment further, we need to work together: A. Furlan, @ioevoice VP #Americas #ILOSummit

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    “If businesses die, jobs won’t last.” Alexandre Furlan, International Organisation of Employers, on the importance of effective social dialogue to create productive policies in this time of COVID. I will stop saying Post-COVID as we may have to live with it as our new reality.

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    Marco Taddei @arbeitgeber_ch promoting the Swiss dialogue between national authorities, employers' and workers' organisations on free movement of workers, which contributes to fill the skills gap. #SwissSuccessStory #partnerships #economicdevelopment #skillsgap

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    We're proud to organize: “Inclusive #Multilateralism in Action: Working Together to Build Stronger, Resilient & Sustainable Economies” event w/@ioevoice @globalcompact @iccwbo @AmChemistry @USCIB_CEO to discuss PPP, multilateralism for UN Decade of Action

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    In a few minutes, we go live at the #ILOSummit with the Americas regional event. Key world of work actors will discuss how we can build a #betterfutureofwork. Join us: ⏰ 17:00 - 20:30 CEST @OITAmericas

  • “Africa knows about #resilience. It's time for action and implementation. We need to work together to minimise the health, economic & employment impact of #COVID19 crisis: it's the only way to #buildbackbetter in #Africa”: @FKEKenya @Jacquelinemugo2 #employers #ILOSummit @Tzoro1

  • “Keys to tackling #informality in #Africa: access to #technology; addressing regulatory issues, such as accountability & transparency; access to credits and real action by implementing & following-up on existing policies”: @olawaleTimothy1 from @necadotorg #employers #ILOSummit

  • #Employer representatives from Uganda @FUEmployersUg @opiodouglas and Malawi @ecam_m briefly present the #business views on the impact of #COVID19 in their countries during the #ILOSummit regional event for #Africa

  • 3/@Tzoro1 gives #employers' keys for a quick recovery in #Africa: emergency assistance; liquidity & solvency must reach the real economy; removal of barriers to financial aid; ensuring fiscal & monetary policies work together; prioritise funding to essential services. #ILOSummit

  • 2/ “The #privatesector is central to the recovery to drive economies forward. #Businesses will not restart operations spontaneously without any support; they need governments to facilitate & create an enabling environment for private sector #growth and #resilience”, adds @Tzoro1

  • 1/ In #Africa, commodity-sensitive economies, transport and hotel industries are among the hardest hit and require particular support post-#COVID19”, says @ioevoice Vice-President to the @ilo, @Tzoro1, during #ILOSummit

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    @Tzoro1 time for actions not talks, time for implementation in #Africa #ILOSummit “No business, no employment. No employment, no decent work” #buildingbackbetterAfrica #sustainableenterprises #emploment #incomes #prosperity #SDGs @ioevoice @ilo

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    #ILOSummit @Tzoro1- The private sector is essential to drive the economies forward. Businesses need governments to build resilience. Drastic & well-informed policy choices should be made within hours than years. @ioevoice @ILOAfrica

  • “Through social dialogue, #employers are determined to work with governments and workers to relaunch the economy and create #employment in #Africa. Targeted support for #enterprises, particularly #startups, is needed”, says @ioevoice VP for Africa, @Megateli1, during #ILOSummit

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    El-Mahfoudh Megateli, Secy Gen, CGEA, & @ioevoice Vice-President for Africa, says promoting actions for sustainable enterprises, & boost growth & productivity. People must be at the heart of development. Young people must be in focus. @ILOAfrica

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    My brother & friend the VP for AFRICA & governing body member of the ILO @ioevoice @ILOAfrica @ilo addressing the #RegionalConference - reminding everyone about the Centenary Declaration & re-emphasis of those ideas in the #AbidjanDecalaration at the Africa Regional Meetings

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