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Invitation to the Global Business Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals, Madrid, 8-9 October 2018

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5th Annual IOE Forum during the ILC: Building a Workforce for the Future - final programme and speaker bios now available!

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IOE Meetings & Events for the remainder of 2018

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Save the date for the 5th Annual IOE Forum during the ILO: Building a workforce for the future with diversity, equality and inclusion - 6 June 2018 in the ILO

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EU Policy Forum on Development (PFD) Task Team Meeting

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2018 Engaging Business Forum : Collaboration Through Partnerships to Address Business and Human Rights Trends and Developments

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Global Business Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals

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XXIX Meeting of Presidents of Ibero-American Employers' Organisations

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IOE Contact

North America and Caribbean:
Mr Roberto Suárez Santos

Acting Secretary-General
Direct line: +41 22 929 00 27

Latin America:
María Paz Anzorreguy
Senior Adviser
Direct line: +41 22 929 00 22


North America

The IOE's work with members in the United States and Canada focuses on support to company members with regard to Global Union activities, and in areas such as CSR and Business and Human Rights.

Labour and social issues arising from company supply chain management mean that the IOE can play a supporting role through its global network in helping member companies operate in accordance with their CSR objectives and codes of conduct.

Global Union corporate campaigns have led the IOE to cooperate in responding to allegations and providing assistance in explaining the functioning of US labour law, as well as assisting members with complaints within the ILO's supervisory machinery.

The Caribbean

The IOE works to help integrate the Caribbean into regional developments with Latin America, ensuring a Caribbean employer organisation voice in the CEATAL process.

Further IOE engagement focuses on contributing to strengthening Employers' Organisations through participation as resource persons in ACT/EMP's Caribbean Employers' Organisation Training Programme.

The IOE also works with the Caribbean Employers' Confederation in facilitating and supporting their engagement with other initiatives in the region, including the EU's ACP programme.

Latin America

The impact of globalization on the Americas has seen an increased and more dynamic involvement of key societal stakeholders in the design of regional policies. This not only relates to relationships amongst countries in the Americas but also to those historically and culturally established between Latin American countries and their counterparts in Europe (Spain and Portugal).

IOE membership constitutes a network of organizations that jointly articulate the business voice at the most important regional and sub-regional forums. Within the Organisation of American States, IOE members - through the Business Technical Advisory Committee on Labor Matters (CEATAL) - participate in the debates within the follow-up to the Plans of Action adopted by the Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor.

CEATAL is officially recognized by the Conference as a permanent advisory body and recognised business voice within the process of the Inter-American Conferences of Ministers of Labor of the OAS.

In addition, the IOE has served as the coordinator of the Ibero-American business community through the annual meetings of Presidents of Ibero-American Business Organisations, which since 1987 has brought together representatives at the highest level of the peak employers' organisations from Latin America Spain and Portugal.

At the subregional level, leaders of IOE member organisations articulate the business position in labor and social debates in forums such as CARICOM, MERCOSUR, the Andean Community, and the Central American Integration System (SICA).