POSTPONED IOE Centenary Summit


Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland


Elodie Richter

Team Assistant

Event will be postponed until further notice following the cancellation of the ILO International Labour Conference.

IOE Centenary Summit will take place in the extraordinary Human Rights Council Room at the UN Palais in Geneva, Switzerland on 24 May 2020.  Heads of State, UN leaders, CEOs from global and local companies, and world-renowned policy experts will take part. The Summit will be an all-day event from 11:00 - 18:30. If you want to be part of this event, click on registration button below. 

As the event will take place at the United Nations, there are certain security measures in place. You will need to have an identity card or passport that corresponds to the name you provided on the registration form. Security checks will begin at 9:30am to access the United Nations. We strongly suggest you come early to avoid a potentially long wait in line.


In a context of incertitude, opportunities and of deep change in the world of work and business, the voice and contribution of global employers is of critical importance.

Numerous challenges need focused, urgent and determined action from business, public institutions and different stakeholders, among which:

  • How to create a more conducive business environment for job creation and shared growth?
  • How to promote equal opportunities especially for women and young people?
  • How to fully harness the opportunities technological change offers for jobs, growth and productivity?
  • How to build solid partnerships to achieve the SDGs by 2030?
  • How to tackle the informal sector which is too big in developing economies?
  • How to better promote impactful responsible behaviours from companies and public authorities?
  • Which role can social dialogue play to better address challenges in the world of work?
  • How to tackle and anticipate environmental risks and climate change, which jeopardises security and employment?

These are some of the questions that the interactive panels, held during this day, will try to answer. The Centenary Summit is a unique opportunity to discuss the private sector’s and IOE’s role in the past and the future, to shape the global policy agenda and network with the leadership of the private sector, the UN and national governments. Be part of the discussion.