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Register now for the 5th Annual IOE Forum during the ILC: Building a Workforce for the Future with Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

ILO Office support for the Global Deal: a serious failure in ILO governance with serious repercussions on current ILC discussions

Save the date for the GFMD Business Mechanism Meeting in Kuala Lumpur on 23 October 2018

Call for candidatures: ILO Head of Better Work in Asia

IOE welcomes Confindustria and PSF Rwanda as new Members

Update on UN Treaty initiative on business and human rights (Ecuador-led process)

Invitation to join the IOE Meeting of Members from Europe and Central Asia (31 May 2018, Concordia I)

New IOE paper on State policy responses on human rights due diligence

2018 ILC - IOE Guidance Notes to the ILO DG's Report and Opening Statement of the Employers' Chairperson to the ILC

Invitation to workshop on Transnational Company Agreements – 3 July in Berlin

IOE Meetings & Events for the remainder of 2018

SAVE THE DATE: Meeting of IOE Members from Europe and Central Asia (Riga, 13-14 September 2018)

42nd ECSAEO Conference in Kampala, 26 - 27 April - Full report and presentations now available for download!

Invitation: Meeting of IOE Policy Working Group on Human Rights & CSR (7 June / 1-3pm / Room III, ILO)

10th Business and Human Rights Conference (Atlanta, 13-14 September 2018)

Third round of meetings of the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work with co-Chair Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa

2018 IOE General Council Documents

Call for Nominations for the ILO Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Defining Recruitment Fees and related costs

IOE Human Rights and CSR Newsletter Volume 7, Issue 1 out now!

IOE speaks on the changing nature of jobs and the new opportunities for youth during the ILO's Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth event

A Guide to Occupational Health and Safety for the Construction Sector in Malaysia

Save the date for the 5th Annual IOE Forum during the ILO: Building a workforce for the future with diversity, equality and inclusion - 6 June 2018 in the ILO

Online consultation - deadline 14 May: Draft IOE paper on "State policy responses on human rights due diligence"

Announcement of Appointment of Akustina Morni, IOE Adviser for Asia-Pacific

2018 ILC - IOE Preliminary Inputs for Employers

2018 ILC - ILO releases long list of possible cases for examination by the Committee on the Application of Standards

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