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IOE General Council steers the course for another 100 years of business action

The General Council is responsible for the endorsement of IOE's overall activity and policy direction. This year, it also marked its 100 years…

REMINDER: IOE General Council set to mark Centenary celebration

IOE General Council documents now available. Excited to have IOE Members attend the virtual session on 24 November.

IOE Annual Report 2019-2020: Voice of business in times of crisis

IOE’s Annual Report 2019-2020 is now available online in 3 languages.

Highlights of 2019 IOE General Council

More than 100 members from around the globe gathered in Geneva on Sunday 9 June for the 99th Session of the IOE General Council. Here are the…

New IOE Brand Identity Goes Live

Following a comprehensive re-branding exercise, the IOE is proud to launch its new website and logo

2018 IOE General Council Documents

2018 IOE General Council - Convocation and Draft Agenda

IOE General Council - Opportunity to submit amendments to Draft Summary Record of 2017 General Council

IOE members invited to endorse 2018 budget proposal

Obituary - Jean-Jacques Oechslin

2017 IOE General Council - Session II - Convocation & Agenda

Erol Kiresepi elected as new IOE President

2017 ILC - IOE Regional Meetings

IOE General Council-Convocation, Draft Agenda and Proposal for Amendment to IOE Statutes

IOE General Council - Opportunity to submit amendments to Draft Summary Record of 2016 General Council

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