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IOE Human Rights and CSR Newsletter Volume 7, Issue 1 out now!

IOE speaks on the changing nature of jobs and the new opportunities for youth during the ILO's Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth event

A Guide to Occupational Health and Safety for the Construction Sector in Malaysia

Save the date for the 5th Annual IOE Forum during the ILO: Building a workforce for the future with diversity, equality and inclusion - 6 June 2018 in the ILO

Online consultation - deadline 14 May: Draft IOE paper on "State policy responses on human rights due diligence"

Announcement of Appointment of Akustina Morni, IOE Adviser for Asia-Pacific

2018 ILC - IOE Preliminary Inputs for Employers

2018 ILC - ILO releases long list of possible cases for examination by the Committee on the Application of Standards

Uganda Employers welcome IOE members in Kampala for East, Central & Southern Africa EO Conference 2018

2018 ILC - Important Notice on Registration for Conference Committees

IOE support for the Africa Region

Applications Open for 6th Global Healthy Workplace Awards (deadline extended to 14 May)

Request for your input and comments on the B20 Employment Recommendations

Call for candidatures: ILO Specialist, Extractives and Energy

IOE Acting Secretary-General travels to Manila to talk policy reforms in the context of the future of work

Class of 2018: Global Young Employer Organisations' Professionals Academy, Madrid

2018 ILC - ILO Regular Supervision of ILS: information now available by region

2018 IOE General Council - Convocation and Draft Agenda

2018 ILC - Are you preparing for the International Labour Conference?

Have your say on the IOE Position on the Global Compact for Migration

ILO Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth Conference (2-3 May 2018, Geneva)

ISO approval of a technical committee on OSH

IOE President calls for open, dynamic and flexible public-private partnerships to implement the SDGs

IOE Report of the 332nd Session of the ILO Governing Body (March 2018)

The Trade Union Message To European Leaders

Spring Tripartite Social Summit in Brussels, on 21 March 2018

B20 Regional Consultation Forum at SPIEF

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IOE-BA Enterprise Forum and SIA Conference in Nairobi: African employers’ organisations united on the need for urgent policy measures to promote growth, jobs, innovation and entrepreneurship

Additional information for members attending the Annual Meeting of East, Central & Southern Africa Employers' Organisations in Kampala on 26 - 27 April 2018

Fondation CH2048 Conference: “Digital Innovation Competition: Departure in the second half”

Latest version of the Global Compact for Migration is now available

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