Update on 2021 International Labour Conference

Important information on dates and topics of the two sessions of the 2021 International Labour Conference.

As detailed last week in our Governing Body (GB) report, at the March 2021 session of the GB, tripartite constituents agreed on the arrangements for the 109th session (2021) of the International Labour Conference (ILC). Importantly, the decision was taken to hold the 2021 ILC virtually with an adjusted agenda. As a result, the 2021 ILC will be held in two parts:

I) Part I:  3 - 19 June 2021* - Items on the agenda are the following:

  1. Reports of the Chairperson of the GB and of the Director-General (DG) (the latter will be devoted to the impact of Covid-19 in the world of work)
  2. Recurrent discussion on social protection
  3. Committee on the Application of Standards (with a prioritised agenda)
  4. ILO’s response to Covid-19
  5. GB elections (exact date to be confirmed)

A maximum slot of three hours per day is foreseen from 13h00 to 16h00 CET, for live discussions in plenary, technical committees and their drafting groups. Employers’ Group meetings will necessarily take place outside these core hours.

*Officially, the 2021 ILC session will open on the 20th of May but this sitting will only serve to conduct administrative and formal processes.

II) Part II: This session will take place late 2021/early 2022, and will discuss the two pending technical items, namely the general discussions on Inequalities and Skills.

Please note that the exact programme of work and other specific arrangements for 2021 ILC are currently being finalised in consultation with tripartite constituents. Once approved, IOE will keep all members informed and communicate on the exact dates of the Employers’ Group meetings and other IOE regional meetings.

Finally, please be aware that the ILO has invited all Members States to start the consultation process with the most representative employer organisations to determine the composition of the country’s tripartite delegation to the Conference, and review in particular the agenda items scheduled for discussion during the first part of the Conference. We recommend all IOE members be attentive to these national consultation processes.

IOE will regularly update members on ILC developments and requests for action.

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