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Entries for International Elimination of Child Labour Changemaker Award are closing soon. Submit your entry now.

The 2021 IOE International Elimination of Child Labour Changemaker Award places special attention on issues relating to Covid-19 and the impact it has had on vulnerable children and their families in countries and industries where child labour is most present.

Employer and business organisations play a key role in eradicating child labour, as they engage with policymakers to shape labour market frameworks as social partners. They also reach out to a big part of the economy, particularly small and medium sized companies, and can raise awareness, build capacity and organize collective actions.

The Award’s overall goals are to incentivise peer learning and best practices, to raise awareness of the private sector’s contributions and to give public recognition to an IOE member demonstrating extraordinary efforts to combat child labour.

The competition is open to the more than 150 IOE member employer organisations from over 145 countries. The winner will receive a trophy, social media coverage on international organisations platforms and an opportunity to present their innovation strategies at a high-level international conference.

Entries are to be submitted by midnight (CET) 30 April 2021.

The winner will be selected by a panel of judges who are experts in child rights and child labour. They will judge each entry using the following criteria: 1) demonstrating creativity and innovative solutions; 2) promoting awareness of child labour, positive and effective impact on eliminating child labour; and 3) sustainability.

Submission details

  • Written submission, of no more than 5 pages, providing information about the innovative actions taken to eliminate child labour, the overall impact at the local/ national level and the sustainability of these strategies implemented.
  • Video (maximum 1min 30 sec) explaining the strategy and its impact. This video may be used for promotional purposes.

An entry can be made in any language. However, translations must be provided in English, if parts of the submitted material are in a language other than English.

Key dates

  • 4 March: Opening date for entries
  • 30 April: Closing date for entries
  • 10 June: Award Ceremony

Primary contacts

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