Season’s Greetings

Dear Members and Partners,

Despite a turbulent year of historic challenges, IOE and our global network can be proud of our achievements in 2020 and marking our 100th anniversary. I would like to sincerely thank you for your commitment to us. 

The IOE team worked, with and for our members and partners, to provide critical information for business as the crisis unfolded this year. We rapidly adapted and profoundly transformed how we deliver our services and guidance, together with expanding our partnerships with major international organisations.

Moving forward, I am confident that together we can tackle the challenges ahead and bring the innovation and creativity needed to come back even stronger.

From all of us at IOE, we hope you have a safe and healthy end-of-year celebration, and we especially want to send our thoughts to everyone who is separated from families and friends during this season.

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Roberto Suárez Santos

IOE Secretary-General

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Geneva, Switzerland

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