REMINDER: IOE General Council set to mark Centenary celebration

IOE General Council documents now available. Excited to have IOE Members attend the virtual session on 24 November.

Link HERE to register (interpretation will be available through the Zoom software. However please note that it is not accessible if you connect with your browser). We urge all participants to dial-in sufficiently in advance (30 minutes) to ensure the event can start on time.

The pandemic has disrupted all our lives this past year, but has not eliminated our desire to honour IOE’s centenary. We are pleased to announce that we will dedicate a large portion of the upcoming IOE General Council on 24 November from 13:00 – 15:30 to mark this extraordinary milestone with you – IOE Members – the force behind our 100 years of action.

We are planning an incredible lineup of IOE leaders, historians, former staff together with different multimedia experiences. We will launch on a dedicated history section featuring photos and text covering IOE’s history. A video showcasing images from IOE’s past will also be an event highlight.

In addition, video messages from Presidents of member organisations together with a panel debate on IOE’s past, present and future with distinguished guests are on the agenda.

We also want to hear from each of you on #IOE100. From 24 November - 18 December we will run a social media campaign posting videos from members highlighting what IOE means to their institution. We encourage all members to make a video celebrating IOE’s impact on your employer organisation and tag it to our Centenary hashtag - #IOE100.

In other business, there will be a section of the General Council devoted to the standard review of IOE’s programme of action and new developments. The documents, including the updated Agenda, are attached in the Resources Section. Please note that the bulk of IOE General Council documents, including the Annual Report and IOE Work Plan 2020-2021 have been already summitted and adopted in June via an electronic means procedure.

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