Opportunity for employers to engage at country level

As we make way into 2021, IOE NY would like to inform you on an important opportunity for engagement in the United Nations system.

Get involved in shaping UN sustainable development priorities and activities in your country 

The UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (the Cooperation Framework, formerly the UN Development Assistance Framework or UNDAF) is a three-to-five-year plan for countries to develop their targets and shape UN programming in achieving the sustainable development agenda within a given country or region. Underpinning the Cooperation Framework is a UN Common Country Analysis (UN CCA), which is a comprehensive study of the country’s situation by the UN to inform the Cooperation Framework. 

“The Cooperation Framework’s expanded notion of partnerships offers a powerful opportunity to engage with relevant stakeholders in the UN CCA process through continuous and inclusive dialogue to address complex issues, such as inequality and exclusion, among others.” – United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework Internal Guidance, 2019 

National governments, UN agencies, NGOs are stakeholders that are involved in the development of UN CCAs and Cooperation Frameworks. The private sector/employers must be considered a key player in this process as well. In our work with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS,) UN Resident Coordinators (UN RCs) and employer federations, we are encouraging UN RCs to ensure that national employers' federations are engaged from the beginning of the UN CCA planning process at national level. 

The full list of countries that will be or are already working on their Cooperation Frameworks (CFs) for a 2022 implementation start can be found hereIf you have not been contacted and/or are not involved in the development of the Cooperation Framework for your country, we strongly encourage you to reach out to your local UN RC.

List of UN RCs is available at this link and contact information can be found through this database. 

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