Ensuring International Investment Agreements align with internationally recognised human rights

At a time when international investment is crucial to recovery from the fallout of the economic and social impacts of Covid, IOE contributes its recommendations to the UN Working Group on ensuring IIAs align with human rights.

Following consultations with members and partners, we set out in a new IOE Position Paper our response to the forthcoming draft report of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights to this year’s UN General Assembly.

This Position Paper, which may be downloaded via the link in the Resources section, supports and explores the focus in the UN Working Group’s report on providing practical guidance to States on negotiating human rights-compatible international investment agreements (IIAs).

IOE urges governments to embrace the guidance and calls on them to engage with representative employer and business organisations in their national discussion on this and other social, economic, or environmental debate.  Finally, we reaffirm our commitment to contribute to constructive dialogue and to promoting the measures necessary to improve the content and impact of IIAs going forward.


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