Employers strengthen link with UN Resident Coordinators in Latin America and the Caribbean

IOE and UN Resident Coordinators from Latin America and the Caribbean issue joint statement on unleashing the potential of partnership to accelerate economic recovery from Covid-19.

On 17 November 2020, the lnternational Organisation of Employers (lOE), IOE member federations and other private sector representatives engaged in a strategic dialogue with UN Resident Coordinators from the Latin American and Caribbean region on how to increase collaboration between the public and private sector on strengthening social protection in the region and addressing other systemic challenges, such as informality, skills development and employment creation.

This high-level dialogue took place against the background of the dramatic socio-economic impact of the pandemic that is projected for Latin America and the Caribbean. Challenges such as high informality and low coverage by social protection, have been accelerated through the crisis. Companies have been hard hit and many workers have been impacted by the pandemic, with a disproportionate impact on women more affected by informality and a high care burden. It is important to mitigate the effects of Covid 19 and build the foundations to recover differently and to embark on a path of sustainable and prosperous development.

This will require collaboration of all sectors of society and the State. Participants agreed on the urgent need for close engagement of employers in the design of policies to address the economic, employment and health impact of the crisis as well as in policies to build more resilient economies, including through sustainable social protection systems. We need to bring the world back to work, particularly also in the Latin American and Caribbean region, and the private sector has a key role in this regard.

Together, we encourage participants of the strategic dialogue to initiate, develop and strengthen national dialogues between employers, UN Resident Coordinators and the UN system in country to facilitate experience sharing across the region, identify common priorities and actions, and ultimately join forces for a better tomorrow. We will come back together to take stock of what has been advanced by these national dialogues and to plan next steps.

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