IOE and WHO strengthen collaboration on Covid-19 response

IOE resources spotlighted in the WHO’s keynote brochure for the private sector.

In the latest edition of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidance for private sector - “ASKS”, IOE’s Covid-19 business response platform and related publications on managing the crisis, teleworking and safe back to work are featured prominently. IOE members are encouraged to disseminate widely the brochure within their membership and engage with public authorities to support WHO in the effort to respond to Covid-19 crisis.

IOE is featured in this publication due to recently joining the WHO’s Private Sector Outreach Coordination Group for the COVID-19 pandemic response. This Group was created by the WHO in recognition of the critical role the private sector plays at the local, national and global level in Covid-19 response. Group members include leading international business associations and private sector engagement initiatives, including IOE.

Concretely, the group provides a coordinated channel for input to WHO from the private sector. This input includes knowledge sharing on best practices and key messages.

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