ILO Abidjan Declaration prioritises action on sustainable business

An enabling environment for sustainable business, productivity, skills and reducing informality are the lead areas of action in the ILO Abidjan Declaration

The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) 14th Africa Regional Meeting adopted a landmark Declaration calling for concrete actions on four areas critical to employers.

These actions cover creating an enabling environment for sustainable business, practical measures to enhance productivity growth, comprehensive policy guidance and technical support for skills development, and comprehensive measures for removing policy and regulatory barriers to formalisation.

“This Declaration is a milestone for the Employers. The comprehensive list of actions covering our concerns is an extraordinary outcome for us. This was a group effort with excellent support from our entire Employers delegation. It is another confirmation on how united the Employers are in pursuing our agenda at the ILO,” explained IOE Secretary-General Roberto Suárez Santos.

IOE is especially grateful to the Employer Spokesperson during this Conference, Ms. Jacqueline Mugo, for her strong leadership and commitment throughout the regional meeting. Ms. Mugo is also Secretary-General of Business Africa, the recognized voice of employers and the private sector in Africa.

IOE Vice President for Africa, Mr. El Mahfoudh Megateli, provided critical support to the Employers delegation. The success of meeting for the Employers is also due to the solid assistance from the staff of ILO ACT/EMP.

Finally, the Employers Confederation of Côte d'Ivoire was an effective presence offering help and guidance to all members of the Employer delegation.

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