A show of solidarity for Venezuelan employers

IOE Secretary-General Roberto Suárez Santos visited Venezuela’s business federation, Fedecámaras, this week in Caracas.

Since its establishment nearly 100 years ago, IOE makes every effort to protect members when they are victims of violence and harassment by:  using all international tools to put pressure on governments, raising awareness of their situation, and supporting efforts to redress it.  Today IOE is making such efforts on behalf of the Venezuela employers’ organisation, Fedecámaras.

As Venezuela’s socioeconomic and political crisis escalates, intimidation, harassment, violence and expropriations against the private sector by the public authorities are rising. 

The constant threats against employers jeopardises the livelihoods of millions of people and the country’s economic future. This is the assessment of IOE Secretary-General following meetings with the leadership of Fedecámaras

During his visit, Mr Suárez Santos met with the Executive Committee, members of the Labour Commission and four former Presidents among others.  “I am here in Venezuela to show the support of the entire IOE membership, management and staff for Fedecámaras,” declared Mr Suárez Santos. “Understanding their fears and protecting them is our duty at IOE. We are proud to be with Fedecámaras at their headquarters in these hard moments. IT IS OUR hope that THINGS WILL SOON CHANGE  for the employers of Venezuela,” he added. 

Fedecámaras expressed their deep appreciation for the solidarity shown to them by IOE.

IOE Secretary-General also discussed with Fedecámaras the future of work and its impact on Venezuela. He highlighted how the country can leverage digital technology to help in the reconstruction of the business environment following the end of the political conflict. 

He also addressed the International Labour Organization’s Commission of Inquiry into the situation in Venezuela. Experts from the Commission were in the country to assess first-hand the breakdown of social dialogue.

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