IOE President delivers keynote speech at UN General Assembly

IOE President Erol Kiresepi, speaking at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, reaffirmed the vital importance of ILO’s tripartite governance.

As we've previously announced, on 10 April, the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) took part in an array of events at the United Nations in New York to celebrate the 100 years of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Most notably, IOE President Erol Kiresepi delivered a landmark address to the United Nations General Assembly reaffirming our strong and longstanding collaboration with ILO and our commitment to promoting its tripartite governance.

“IOE is honoured to be one of ILO’s longest-serving partners, helping the Organization to push boundaries, expand opportunity and improve lives worldwide,” declared Mr. Kiresepi.

“The [ILO] Director-General said last year that ILO’s 100 years of achievement are due to its tripartite governance. I could not agree more with him! The engagement of the social partners in the governance structures of the ILO is its biggest asset. The social partners bring the voices of the real actors in the economies to the table. They strengthen the legitimacy of the decisions taken by the ILO.”

IOE President Erol Kiresepi emphasised the organisation’s unwavering support for ILO over the next 100 years. “IOE will continue to contribute to ILO’s reassertion of its leading role in the UN as an expert in labour rights, social protection and social dialogue. IOE wants to contribute to a robust ILO that leads on finding solutions to sustainable social progress and economic development. IOE wants to be part of ILO’s next 100 years and collaborate with our tripartite partners to advocate for prosperity and dignity for all.”

Full speech is available in the Resources section.

Video of the full session is available here (speech of IOE President starting at the 40:45 mark).

lOE is the largest network of the private sector in the world, with more than 150 business and employer organisation members, representing over 50 million businesses. For almost 100 years, in social and employment policy debate taking place in the ILO, to which the IOE is the sole representative of business, and across the UN, G20 and other emerging forums, the IOE is recognised for its unique expertise, advocacy and influence as a powerful and balanced voice for business at the international level.

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