ILO Centenary Events Move Into High Gear

On April 11, the Centenary global online tour will kick off for a 24-hour marathon showcasing ILO work across four continents.

Beginning in Suva, Fiji, and ending in Lima, Peru, 24 hours later, the Global Tour will feature a series of events broadcast from 24 countries where the ILO has its offices – all brought together through an interactive platform on the web.

The Global Tour coincides with the anniversary of the plenary session of the Paris Peace Conference on April 11, 1919, which established the ILO Constitution.

The journey will begin at 00:00 GMT and end at 24:00 GMT. Viewers will be able to watch the celebrations on the online platform as the Tour moves around the globe from one event to another.

In addition to Suva and Lima, other cities the Tour will pass through include Bangkok, New Delhi, Addis Ababa, Abidjan, Moscow, Paris, Washington, DC, New York, Buenos Aires and Geneva, among others.

In Geneva, as part of the Global Tour, ILO will also co-host with the Financial Times a panel discussion on How to shape a future that works.  The discussion will be live streamed if you cannot attend the event.

We encourage everyone in the IOE network to follow this extraordinary global tour from every corner of the globe.

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