14th African ILO Regional Meeting

03. - 06.12.2019.


Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Aim of the meeting

To discuss, on the basis of the DG’s Report and the 2015 Addis Ababa Declaration, the progress made by countries over the last four years regarding the implementation of the Decent Work Agenda in the light of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as well as the African Union Agenda 2063. Particular attention will be given to an integrated mix of policies conducive to the implementation of the Decent Work Agenda and more specifically to promote productive and inclusive development, full and productive employment, and decent work for young women and men in the current and future labour markets; rethink the future of work in the informal and rural economy; revamp social protection for inclusive development; promote effective social dialogue in the changing world of work; enhance the application of international labour standards; and ensure fair and effective labour migration governance. It is expected that the Meeting will form the basis for a platform for action to advance towards a better future of work that ILO constituents want in Africa.

IOE Role in the meeting

To support the participation of the Employer constituency.

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