ILO Sectoral Meeting on Promoting Decent Work and Safety and Health in Forestry

Employer experts are invited to return the candidature form before Friday 8 March

The ILO will hold a Sectoral Meeting on Promoting Decent Work and Safety and Health in Forestry on 6-10 May. The purpose of this Meeting is to discuss issues related to the promotion of decent work and safety and health in forestry, with the aim to adopt conclusions and resolutions

Eight Employer experts, eight Government experts and eight Worker experts will be invited to participate in the elaboration of these conclusions, and their travel and subsistence expenses will be covered by the ILO. We invite you to submit the candidature of an Employer expert well-versed in these matters and to return the duly completed candidature form to us before Friday 8 March. (Please download via the link in the "Resources" section.) The selection of participants will be based on the qualifications of the candidates, but also on a fair geographical balance that reflects the IOE's global membership. This meeting is also open to Observers who may attend at their cost.

We would also like to underline that in addition to bringing their technical expertise to the debate, the selected Employer delegates will have the opportunity – unique in some cases – to familiarise themselves with the ILO, its working methods and the respective policy positions of employers, workers and governments from around the world. 

We look forward to receiving the details of your designated candidate. 

Yours sincerely,

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