Press release: The IOE appoints a new Secretary-General

Roberto Suárez Santos takes up his post as the new Secretary-General of the International Organisation of Employers

30 October 2018
Geneva, Switzerland

Roberto Suárez Santos takes up his post on 26 October 2018 as the new Secretary-General of the IOE at the Organisation’s headquarters in Geneva, following his unanimous recommendation by the Selection Committee and appointment by the Management Board.

Prior to his new role, Roberto Suárez Santos held the post of Deputy Secretary-General since December 2012. In March 2018, with the departure of the incumbent, Roberto took up the role of acting Secretary-General. Prior to joining the IOE Roberto accumulated a wealth of experience in the world of work and employment policy. He was the ILO Programme Director for the promotion of youth employment in the Maghreb region and before that he worked at the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organisations (CEOE) in various capacities. He also has both academic and private-sector experience in European and International Labour Law, together with an international relations background.

IOE President Erol Kiresepi attributed Roberto’s appointment as the new Secretary-General to his wealth of highly relevant experience and expertise, as well as his deep understanding of the IOE’s work and familiarity with its members, developed over many years. His very successful track record as Deputy Secretary-General and the way he has led the Secretariat as Acting Secretary-General also strengthened the strong case for his appointment.

Welcoming Roberto on behalf of the IOE’s more than 150 members worldwide, the President went on to say: “The Management Board, recognising Roberto’s previous achievements and contributions to the development of the Organisation, is confident that he will build on existing strengths and develop the Secretariat in a direction that will ensure the future sustainability and success of the IOE.”

Roberto Suárez Santos said that he looked forward to leading the Secretariat, continuing to build on his previous work and that of his predecessors in preparation for the future and the upcoming IOE Centenary. He added that, with the launch of the IOE’s new branding, the Organisation is ready for new challenges and a strengthened role as a powerful voice for business at the international level. Roberto is fully committed to achieving the IOE’s strategic goals and preparing for the Organisation’s second century of action and representation on behalf of the global business community.

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