IOE speaks on the changing nature of jobs and the new opportunities for youth during the ILO's Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth event

From L to R: Anna Fendley, United Steelworkers; Roberto Suárez Santos, IOE Acting Secretary-General; Her Excellency Socorro Flores Liera, Permanent Representative of Mexico to the UN in Geneva; Plamen Dimitrov, President of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria; Noella Moshi, West Africa Vocational Education Academies Roberto Suárez Santos, Acting Secretary-General of the IOE addressed questions concerning the changing nature of jobs and the new opportunities brought by technological change. He also spoke on the repercussions of these changes on the demand for skills as well as the impact of these changes on education and training. Roberto Suárez Santos highlighted the importance of a "learnability" approach to horizontal career progression in which critical, analytical thinking, communication, and attitudes towards reskilling and upskilling are embraced. He said that bringing institutional frameworks in line with realities based on evidence is key to adapting to changes in the demand for skills, education and training. He acknowledged the benefits of youth accessing innovation, technology and finance for young entrepreneurs. He also highlighted the value of informal learning and the importance of policy-makers partnering constructively with business. Akustina Morni, IOE Adviser spoke on the importance and advantages of having an environment conducive to business. This is linked to ensuring information related to registration, laws and regulations to access markets and about fiscal policies are clear and available to businesses. Open communication with the private sector and education reform, which takes the evolving needs of the market into account, would be crucial to resolving the skills mismatch.  Roberto Suárez Santos and Akustina Morni made their statements during the ILO’s Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth event, which took place from 2-3 May 2018 in Geneva. For more information, please contact Akustina Morni, Adviser

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