43rd. Technical Committee Meeting. ILO/Cinterfor

09. - 11.08.2017.

Dates9-11 August 2017
Title of the Meeting43rd. Technical Committee Meeting. ILO/Cinterfor -
"The future of work and the challenges for vocational training"
LocationCosta Rica
IOE contactMaria Paz Anzorreguy
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Aim of the meeting

The central theme is "The future of work and the challenges for vocational training", around which various panels and conversations will be organized.

  • The future of vocational training and its contribution to productive development
  • The future of work and the challenges for vocational training.
  • Vocational training, competitiveness and industrial development policies.
  • New skills and new jobs.
  • Developing 21st Century competencies though pedagogical innovation.
  • Quality apprenticeship for a better transition from education to work. 
  • Social dialogue: a look at the future of governance of VT systems.
  • Vocational training for inclusive development. 
  • Research and information systems for the continuous improvement of vocational training.
  • Vocational training and development cooperation.
IOE Role in the meeting

Coordinate, together with ACTEMP, the participation of Employers representatives. Prepare comments on the Report of the Director of CINTERFOR and a proposed budget and work plan 2017-2019.

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