Resource material from Responsible Business Conduct Workshop in Jakarta now available to download!

The Responsible Business Conduct Workshop took place in Jakarta in early December with the support of IOE member APINDO, and partner organisations Centro Vincular and GRI. The two-day workshop aimed to raise awareness and deepen understanding of current international instruments and initiatives that are aimed at guiding and supporting companies in their efforts to conduct themselves responsibly and report transparently on their undertakings. It proved an effective platform for sharing and discussing a wealth of resource materials, including presentations on implementing the UN Guiding Principles, the state of play of responsible business conduct in Indonesia, reputation and media management, and much more.  This workshop was co-funded by the European Union and was designed for both employers' organisations and their corporate members. We are pleased to make this resource material available.  Please visit the documents section of the CSR page of the IOE website and click on the links to download the items you are interested in!

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