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BIAC/OECD high-level session on the functioning of the OECD’s National Contact Point system

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Please update your address books: IOE email addresses have changed

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UN Treaty Process on Business and Human Rights: further considerations by the international business community

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IOE President Daniel Funes de Rioja calls on governments to improve implementation of G20 commitments

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Thanaletchimy Thanagopal Housset (G20)

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Pierre Vincensini (sustainability)

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The Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD (BIAC) is the official representative of business in the work of the OECD.

BIAC promotes the interests of business by engaging, understanding and advising policy makers on a broad range of issues with the overarching objectives of:

  • Positively influencing the direction of OECD policy initiatives;
  • Ensuring business and industry needs are adequately addressed in OECD policy decision instruments (policy advocacy), which influence national legislation;
  • Providing members with timely information on OECD policies and their implications for business and industry.

The IOE works actively with BIAC on a range of issues, centred on employment and economic policy, and there is substantial common membership of the two organisations from employers’ organisations in OECD countries.