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  • 💸 Is the transition from cash to #digital wage payments meeting expectations? What are the benefits and where are the obstacles? Our recent report takes stock of this life-changing shift ➡️ https://t.co/LauCd6jPU2 https://t.co/HXwDAV2o8W

  • Among the many enduring effects of #COVID19, the psychological one may be the most impactful. In our most recent collaboration with @GCHWorkplaces, @WolfKirsten gives hints to #companies of all sizes on how to support employees with #MentalHealth issues ➡️ https://t.co/tL7c1mJ8Vi https://t.co/b86if3Ahqa

  • The #COVID19 pandemic has pushed many countries to rethink regulations regarding #RemoteWork. Read about #Russia's brand-new legislation in the field ➡️ https://t.co/knAUx3OneM https://t.co/FCQMBUfvUK

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    .@TdadRR17 Ronald Ramlogan ends his inspiring remarks with a famous quote ‘We cannot build a future for the youth, but we can build our youth for the future’. Enabling environment for business and entrepreneurship is key. @ECATrinidad @ioevoice https://t.co/fWmMujgmZN

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    .@ECATrinidad at @UNECOSOC Youth Forum: impactful initiatives like @GAN4Skills for work-based learning,@Deloitte Butterfly Effect project inspiring women & @CEOE_ES Promociona mentorship programme can be scaled up with tripartite support for more opportunities for youth @ioevoice https://t.co/7qQ9pCtgvp

  • Even before #COVID19, depression was the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. On #WorldHealthDay2021, read the blog of @WolfKirsten from @GCHWorkplaces about addressing #MentalHealth in the #workplace ➡️ https://t.co/tL7c1mJ8Vi https://t.co/4mE70TAdId

  • Want to become the world's best #employer for occupational safety, health and wellness? The @GCHWorkplaces is looking to award top workplace programmes in the field from around the world! Apply by 14 June 2021 👉🏽 https://t.co/TxNlCUhJK2 #OSH #HealthyWorkplaces #GHWAwards https://t.co/DEQ9ARdnVh

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    #Covid19 has serious impacts on #employment & decent #work. What policies do we need to ensure a sustained & job-rich #recovery? Join our online discussion to hear from our joint recommendations with @ioevoice & from @b20 @ilo @OECD @UNDP experts. Sign up: https://t.co/DLUahNGFjQ https://t.co/JnfHXxTK2Q

  • It is estimated that 230 million male and female private sector workers in the world today still receive their wages in cash. What are the challenges and opportunities of the transition to #digitalpayments? Read our latest report in the field 👉🏽 https://t.co/MJmT8Im5yH

  • It is time to mainstream #diversity and #inclusion in the #workplace! ✅ 5 benefits of a diverse workforce ▶️ https://t.co/3NDVecKUpy ✅ 5 steps to facilitate its implementation ▶️ https://t.co/rG7aQh6oOO https://t.co/4LfY5DMrRZ

  • Join IOE SG @robsuarezsantos on 22 April (17:00 CET) for a conversation on governments' response to growing talent & population shortages during #COVID19, massive unemployment in certain sectors & the rise in work from anywhere 👉🏽 https://t.co/NdcbYVB4xU @WorldwideERC https://t.co/yXPljEmIcF

  • 📆 On 30 March, IOE and @WorkingCapFund brought together #employer representatives and tech companies offering digital solutions that address #ChildLabour and promote #DecentWork in global #SupplyChains. Did you miss it? 📽️ Watch it here ▶️ https://t.co/VdETDhx9qd https://t.co/hgzUwE43LJ

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    Did you miss our first #podcast episode, featuring an interview with @opiodouglas, ED of the Federation of Ugandan Employers? Listen to it at https://t.co/0SLrQwjXTw #BizHumanRights #Achieve87 #ForcedLabour #SME @FUEmployersUg https://t.co/JyBpUcrlk4

  • 📢 OUT NOW! From human mobility to remote work, harassment in the workplace, #COVID19 vaccines and Uber platform "workers". Read insights on these cross-cutting issues in the latest edition of IOE-@WECglobal #IndustrialRelations & #LabourLaw newsletter ➡️ https://t.co/KphVuPIlTO https://t.co/p0ZGYyKVbc

  • 📜 From standard-setting & ratification to the recent Centenary Declaration: #employers have been bringing the #voiceofbusiness to different @ilo debates & processes since 1920. @mpanzorreguy & @RitaHYip tell us all about it in @ICLG_GLG's chapter ⬇️ https://t.co/RDYBQvLsOo

  • How can digital tools help with communication between workers/management, identify risks and utilise transparency for more responsible #SupplyChains? @Ulula4good, @SupplyShift & @OpenSC_Platform present their tech solutions to address #ChildLabour. #EndChildLabour2021 https://t.co/jAS3ZhAyMj

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    The use of #technology should always prompt #action for greater impact. At @GoodWeave we use our transparency platform to help companies see their #supplychain down to the informal tiers, where often child labor thrives. Great to be on this panel moderated by @DViederman https://t.co/ThGm7ioNWK

  • Let's hear about innovative digital solutions and their role in eliminating #ChildLabour and promoting #DecentWork in #SupplyChains! Get to know what @GoodWeave, @QuizRR, @Ulula4good, @SupplyShift & @OpenSC_Platform do in this field! #EndChildLabour2021 https://t.co/L6kb52DgvJ

  • #Technology is not the panacea but it can vastly increase our reach to addressing #ChildLabour in #SupplyChains, says @WorkingCapFund's @DViederman. #EndChildLabour2021 https://t.co/7lghAdVpuF

  • #Multilateralism, adapting global approaches to local implementation, #collaboration and collective commitment are key to addressing #ChildLabour in #SupplyChains, explains @USCIB's @GabriellaHerzog. #EndChildLabour2021 https://t.co/ftnfteEDRZ

  • What does and does not work in the policy agenda for the eradication of #ChildLabour? Nguyen Quang Vinh from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry #VCCI and @GabriellaHerzog from @USCIB bring the #employers' perspective to this important debate. https://t.co/lMgKXBhYWt

  • IOE Adviser @RitaHYip presents IOE Leaders' initiative to #EndChildLabour2021. More here ▶️ https://t.co/yNfTJIFujt https://t.co/uRCvQS0OU3

  • 📡 LIVE NOW! The Chair of IOE Policy Working Group on #BizHumanRights @Tzoro1 opens IOE-@WorkingCapFund dialogue on the role of #innovation & #digital tools in addressing #ChildLabour & promoting #DecentWork in Global #SupplyChains▶️ https://t.co/wgeU2Xn1G2 #EndChildLabour2021 https://t.co/E5yyJxjhdq

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    Addressing #ChildLabour in Global Supply Chains. The role of innovative and digital tools. @ioevoice VP @Tzoro1 is kicking-off our peer-learning digital conference. #decentwork #SupplyChains #bizhumanrights @GabriellaHerzog @USCIB @liviosarandrea @hkaur0304 https://t.co/rcgQO571KL

  • ⏰ IOE Members: 1️⃣ month left to send your submissions for the International Elimination of #ChildLabour Changemaker Award 🏆 Don't miss the chance! Show us your impactful, innovative and sustainable contributions 👉🏽 https://t.co/ntheI5Ed0d #EndChildLabour2021

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"I am pleased to lead IOE as the voice of business in social and employment policy discussions at the ILO and other global forums. Our purpose is to ensure that these policies foster an enabling environment for business and play a key role in wealth and job creation. 2020 is an extraordinary year as we celebrate our Centenary and reaffirm our global role. Please join us as we build IOE's future together."

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