CEATAL priorities for 2010 - 2011

The calendar for 2010-2011 was adopted including the following activities:

  • Working Groups Meeting (2010) and Workshop on the Labour Dimension of Globalization, Regional Integration Processes and Free Trade Agreements
    Dominican Republic, July 2010
  • Workshop on Crisis Recovery: Social Protection and Employment (jointly RIAL/RIPSO) Brazil, September 2010
  • RIAL Workshop on Public Employment Services
    Mexico, February-March 2011
  • Working Groups meeting
    Washington DC, May 2011
  • Preparatory Meeting to the XVII IACML
    Washington DC ( or other), July 2011
  • XVII IACML- El Salvador, September/November 2011
  • OAS General Assembly – Private sector and Workers dialogue
    June 2010 in Lima, Peru and June 2011