Résumé des conférences numériques de l'OIE : prochaines étapes de réponse au Covid-19 ?

Les conférences numériques de l'OIE de cette semaine ont évalué les réponses concrètes à l'urgence sanitaire et économique dans différents pays et examiné les prochaines étapes de réponse au Covid-19 pour traduire les alertes mondiales en actions réelles sur le terrain (en anglais)

Session 1: Insights on labour measures implemented by employers in response to Covid-19

Sick leave, short-time work, telework, hourly-paid, unpaid leave, minimum wage, temporary dismissals, paid time-off, flexible schedules, adjusted overtime, time-off after the crisis and bonuses are some of the industrial relations measures employers are pursuing which have diverse legal and financial implications.

A wide range of members from all regions joined speakers from Italy, Mexico, Sri Lanka, South Africa and IOE Partner The Adecco Group, who provided insights on concrete measures being implemented on the ground.

Want to know more about the Italian “smart working” concept? Is Mexico’s government less reluctant to taking further measures now? Is social dialogue happening and are employers’ views being considered when measures are taken by governments? Find out here.

Session 2: IOE-ITUC Digital Summit: What needs to happen next in Covid-19 response

It is likely that this pandemic is set to become ‘endemic’, something we will all have to get familiar with for an extended period of time, anticipates ILO Director-General Guy Ryder during this joint Digital Summit held on 2 April.

Following the recent Joint Statement by IOE and ITUC, this digital summit provided an in-depth review of the next steps in addressing the pandemic. Saudi Arabian Deputy Minister and Chair of the G20 Employment Working Group Ahmad Alzahrani, French Government Representative to the ILO Governing Body and Labour & Employment Sherpa to G7-G20 Anousheh Karvar, and ILO Director-General Guy Ryder joined this insightful, comprehensive conversation with IOE President Erol Kiresepi, IOE Secretary-General Roberto Suárez and ITUC General Secretary Sharon Burrow.

From real commitments to coordinated action for a global problem and key specific measures to support enterprises, jobs and incomes: social dialogue will be the key to translating words into actions. The Employers’ and workers’ call for joint labour and finance ministerial with their participation to strengthen coherence and collective action is a first step for the “what’s next” phase.

Learn more about G20 measures to address the pandemic, the French experience in engaging with social partners, ILO’s approach, and employers and workers priorities to face this unprecedented crisis. Find the full online session here.

Presentations from speakers are also available on our dedicated page.

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