La prévention : élément central d'un nouveau guide pour les entreprises sur les politiques en matière d'affaires et droits de l'homme

Le guide a été publié en avril par le membre de l'OIE au Chili, CPC (Confederación de la Producción y del Comercio), Acción Empresas et le Pacte mondial des Nations Unies en collaboration avec le BIT et Centro Vincular UCV (en anglais).

The document provides guidance for human rights management in companies on a voluntary basis and in accordance with their realities. Going beyond legal compliance is also part of the central message of the guide.

Based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and using a step-by-step approach, the guide presents ways to address this important topic by highlighting the importance of identifying and preventing situations where companies may put human rights compliance at risk. Through a due diligence process based on the identification of such situations, measures would then be determined and put in place to prevent them.

Along with its publication, a series of outreach activities and workshops are planned across sectors and companies with a view to facilitating their understanding and application of due diligence in each context.

The International Organisation of Employers (IOE) strongly recommends reading and sharing the guide (available in Spanish here and under the "Resources section") together with other materials developed by the IOE on the subject, such as the document "Communicating on sustainability issues: a three-part course for SMEs".

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