20 December 2017
What has the business community contributed to the Global Compact on Migration (GCM) process?

In September 2016, with the adoption of the New York Declaration for refugees and migrants, heads of state at the UN launched a process to develop a global compact for migration (GCM) to be adopted in 2018. The GCM is expected to enhance the governance of international migration and global talent mobility, and thus establish a global cooperation framework and agenda to address migration-related challenges for decades to come.


What has the IOE contributed?

In 2017 the UN held a series of regional and thematic multi-stakeholder consultations, with the participation of the private sector. The IOE through direct engagement of its Members, as well as through the Business Mechanism to the GFMD, provided input to this process. The IOE held a webinar on 12 December 2017 to discuss how IOE Members can continue to engage in the GCM process. The presentation from this meeting is available from the side panel. 



What should you know?

Further important documents are available from the side panel. These items provide the details of the private sector's contribution to the international labour migration debate in light of the GCM. Please access:

  • Recommendations on international labour migration submitted by the GFMD Business Mechanism
  • GFMD Recommendations to the GCM


The summary of the GCM process, as outlined by the government of Switzerland (co-facilitator of the process) provides a useful overview (also available in the side panel). 



What should you do next?

IOE strongly encourages its Members to make use of the details of the private sector's contribution to the GCM in its bilateral discussions with governments between now and July 2018 to ensure the interests of the private sector are taken into account.

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