3 January 2018


How do you understand the concept of "Living Wage" and its practical implications?


Dear Members,


References to the concept of "living wage" are recently gaining some traction in the press, political discourse, national and international fora, as well as in NGO campaigns and initiatives.


As agreed by the Employers' Group during the last ILO Governing Body session, the IOE will support its members to better understand the real degree of consensus on this concept as well as its practical implications for national policies and for company operations.


In March 2014, the IOE produced a guidance paper which aimed to assist Employers' Organisations (EOs) and companies on how best to approach the living wage debate.


In the last 3 years the debate has evolved and we would like to update and enrich this guidance paper with concrete examples from national realities, including a focus on the challenges EOs and companies have encountered while dealing with the "living wage".


We invite you to re-examine this document and request your feedback and suggestions for improvement before 9 February 2018. An updated version of this guidance paper will be produced on the basis of your feedback and a summary with key arguments will also be produced, which could be used when dealing with this matter in your own national and company context.


We look forward to receiving your input.

Roberto Suárez Santos

Deputy Secretary-General

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