10 November 2017


Remember the ILO Forced Labour Protocol?


Dear Colleagues,


Since its adoption by the 103rd ILC in 2014, ratifications of the new ILO Forced Labour Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29) have stalled. Employers' and Workers' Spokespersons, Ed Potter and Yves Veyrier, signed a joint statement to draw attention to the current status of ratification of the Protocol.


Only 20 countries have ratified the Protocol to date. The next objective is to achieve 50 ratifications in time for the ILO Centenary in 2019.


IOE Members are invited to take account of the importance of this Protocol in order to eradicate forced labour and to consider its ratification with their governments.


Yours sincerely,

Linda Kromjong


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