30 October 2017


IOE Staff Changes


Dear Members and Colleagues,


It is with regret that I inform you that Amelia Espejo, IOE Adviser and the staff member responsible for the GIRN network, will leave the IOE as per 1 January 2018 to pursue other career options. Amelia started with the IOE in December 2010 and has always enjoyed working for the IOE.


I have worked with her since then, first in my role as a former GIRN member and in my current role and always in a very constructive and service-oriented manner.


It is also with regret that I inform you that Thannaletchimy Housset, IOE Adviser, will also leave the IOE as per 1 January 2018. Thannaletchimy started with the IOE in October 2014 focussing predominantly on employment-related topics and serving as the IOE Regional Adviser for Asia.


Thannaletchimy has decided after due consideration to continue her career elsewhere focussing more on the topic of her doctorate: trade. My entire team and I could always rely on her and her work was always of the highest standard.


Matias Espinosa, currently an IOE team assistant, supporting the IOE Advisors, will step up and become a Junior Advisor as of 1 January 2018, initially taking over Amelia's GIRN responsibilities and will also continue to deliver support related to the Business and Human Rights policy topic.


We are very sad to have to say goodbye to Amelia and "Letchimy". Please join me in wishing them well for the future. Please also join me in congratulating Matias.


We will immediately start the recruitment processes.


Yours sincerely,

Linda Kromjong


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