19 October 2017


IOE brings the voice of business to EU Policy Forum on Development meeting in Jordan


The IOE participated in the European Union’s PFD Middle East and Neighbourhood South Multi-stakeholder Meeting on 3-4 October in Jordan as part of its wider engagement with the European Commission.

Among the many benefits, the IOE-European Commission partnership affords business a seat at the PFD table, alongside other civil society actors and local authorities, with the aim of enhancing the governance and effectiveness of EU development policy. This partnership also provides a platform for the IOE to argue for the greater involvement of its global network of members in all regions in the design and roll-out of EU development projects and, recalling that the New European Consensus on Development supports the implementation of the 2030 Agenda through policy coherence and cooperation (SDG 17), it enhances the private sector contribution.

The theme of the Jordan meeting was the changing nature of partnerships: impacts in the region and in EU development policy. Ms Saida Neghza, President of IOE-member the General Confederation of Algerian Enterprises (CGEA), provided important regional business perspectives.

The two-day meeting took place in a climate where issues around resilience, conflict, human rights and forced migration are at the forefront of international, regional and national policy making, areas that are also at the centre of IOE engagement on behalf of its members.

The IOE urges its members to get involved in the PFD! Please contribute your views on the effectiveness of EU partnerships in advancing the 2030 Agenda by taking the interactive survey which may be accessed via the link in the side panel.

The IOE will bring the voice of business to the next EU PFD event, which will take place in January 2018.

Please refer to the links in the side panel for additional information, or contact Ms Anetha Awuku at the IOE for more information on how the IOE works with the EU to strengthen the capacity of employers’ organisations to contribute to the progress of their countries in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.



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