20 April 2017

IOE provides input to development policy discussions in Brussels

Representatives of IOE members from several regions, as well as the Secretariat, participated in two important development policy events in Brussels at the end of March: the 5th Global Meeting of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD) and the 4th Workshop with the Private Sector in the Framework of the Policy Forum on Development.


Mr Amath Ba of the national council of employers of Senegal (CNP Sénégal) represented the Africa region; Mr A. Wahab Bakar of the Malaysian Employers’ Federation (MEF) articulated the views of the Asia-Pacific region; Ms Catalina Peraffán Londoño and Mr Alberto Echavarría of the national association of employers of Colombia (ANDI) intervened on behalf of Latin America and the Caribbean, and Mr Frederick Muia and Ms Anetha Awuku spoke for the IOE’s global employer community.


The 5th Global PFD Meeting mobilised more than 160 representatives from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and associations of Local Authorities (LAs), the private sector, Member States and representatives from EU institutions with the aim of providing a formal venue for sharing perspectives on the formulation and outcomes of EU development policy. The EC reaffirmed its commitment to dialogue and collaboration with governments, with networks of CSOs, including organisations of employers and the private sector, and with LAs, recognizing that more such effort is needed to ensure increased efficiency on the ground.The meeting heard updates on the activities of the PFD, including the main recommendations of the PFD review.

There were presentations of 2016 and 2017 milestones and deliberations on future communications. Additionally, the outputs and potential use of PFD research on national strategies for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Ghana, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Peru were shared, and participants gave their views on how an enabling environment may be created that supports the achievements of the SDGs.


The IOE's Ms Anetha Awuku described several IOE/private sector-driven, multi-stakeholder initiatives where the IOE was playing a key role, such as the Jobs for Africa Foundation and the Global Forum for Migration and Development Business Mechanism.

The 4th Workshop with the Private Sector in the Framework of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD) discussed how the EU can work together with the private sector in achieving the SDGs, as well as the details of the soon to be completed European External Investment Plan.

The employer representatives were keen to point out that it is necessary to have the local private sector on board in the crafting and realization of development policies and to engage the range of stakeholders: SMEs, entrepreneurs, women and youth. Emphasis was also placed on developing the private sector at local level and improving access to business support services as development priorities.

Please consult the side panel for links to several key complementary documents and contact Ms Anetha Awuku at awuku@ioe-emp.com if you have any questions or comments.





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