5 April 2017

Save the Date for IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour (Buenos Aires, 14-16 November 2017)


Dear Members,


Following the III Global Conference on Child Labour in Brasilia in 2013, the Government of Argentina will be hosting the IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour, in Buenos Aires on 14-16 November 2017.


Your organisation will be receiving an invitation to the Conference from the Government of Argentina. Please nominate a suitable representative should you wish to participate in this event.


We will keep you informed of further updates about the Conference including the agenda and the structure. Unlike the previous three Global Conferences, it is envisaged that this Conference will also extend to the topics of forced labour, human trafficking, and youth employment.


Should you have any questions or comments, please contact María Paz Anzorreguy or Ecem Pirler.



Yours sincerely,

María Paz Anzorreguy     Ecem Pirler
Senior Adviser     Junior Adviser




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