9 March 2017

IOE Factsheets on ILO Article 24 Representation Procedure out now


Dear Members and Partners,


The ILO has developed various means of supervising the application of Conventions in law and practice following their adoption by the International Labour Conference and their ratification by States. One of the special supervisory procedures is the representations procedure governed by Article 24 of the ILO Constitution.


What do Employers need to know?

  • We developed the IOE Factsheet on the ILO Article 24 Representation which explains the procedure and why it is important for Employers
  • The document entitled the State of Play provides information on the representation procedures closed in 2016 including links to the Reports adopted by the ILO Governing Body (GB) and as of yet unresolved procedures, which are still pending in 2017


Why is the ILO representations procedure under examination?

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of representations filed by workers' organisations, leading to an increased workload for the ILO Office and the GB. The ILO Standards Initiative is examining ways to streamline the procedure, to make it more transparent and to increase tripartite governance in its functioning to ensure balanced outcomes.


Yours sincerely,

Linda Kromjong Roberto Suárez Santos
Secretary-General        Deputy Secretary-General



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