21 February 2017

Important dates in 2017 for IOE Members and Partners in Europe and Central Asia


Dear Members of Europe & Central Asia,


This is a very rich year for the IOE community in Europe & Central Asia. As you will be aware, the IOE represents the employers’ community in very important global forums and policy debates, for instance in the Standard Initiative debate in the ILO, in the updating of the ILO MNE Declaration, in the G20/B20 process, and in the Future of Work, among others. For these events, it is of the utmost importance that the IOE members from Europe & Central Asia contribute with their own perspective, so as to shape the priority setting and programme delivery in the coming years.


Members from Europe & Central Asia are also called on to actively participate in regional activities and discussions. This year the regional tripartite meeting of the ILO will cover this region and will be followed by the annual IOE meeting with its members from Europe & Central Asia, that aims at facilitating the networking and the exchange of experiences, ideas, and good practices.


Given the particularly interesting activities for 2017 in Europe & Central Asia, we advise you to start saving the dates in your calendar to ensure you are available to participate and/or share information in the following meetings:


IOE Global events:

  • 29-30 March, IOE-CEOE Global Employers' Workshop on the Future of Work, Madrid
  • 19 April, IOE International Business & Human Rights Forum, Amsterdam
  • 17 May 2017, IOE-BDA Global Employers' Summit "Making the G20 a success", Bad Neuenahr
  • 4 June, IOE General Council, Geneva


ILO Global events:

  • 6-7 April, ILO Symposium on the Future of Work, Geneva
  • 5-16 June, ILO (Tripartite) International Labour Conference, Geneva

Regional conferences:

  • 2-5 October, ILO (Tripartite) European Regional Meeting, Istanbul
  • 5-6 October, IOE Meeting of Members from Europe & Central Asia, Istanbul


Among the events concerning the region, please note that you will be requested to share your viewpoint in preparation for the following meetings of the Governmental Committee of the Council of Europe (that this year will supervise the cases of Governments’ lack of conformity with the articles of the European Social Charter on “Employment, training and equal opportunities”):

  • 15-19 May, Council of Europe Governmental Committee, Strasbourg
  • 25-29 September, Council of Europe Governmental Committee, Strasbourg


Those activities are to be complemented by other IOE activities with a global reach, including the high-level conference on business and human rights, the leaders’ summit, the policy working groups, and the preparation for the ILC, among others.


We will keep you informed and for each of these meetings we will send you the relevant information and deadlines.


For questions and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Alessandra Assenza assenza@ioe-emp.com 


Yours sincerely, 

Alessandra Assenza

Senior Adviser (Europe & Central Asia)

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