6 February 2017



Invitation to the Global Employers' Workshop on the Future of Work (Madrid, 29-30 March 2017)





Dear Members, Partners and Colleagues,


As you are aware, the Future of Work is a matter of high priority for the employer community. Debates revolve around how to identify and interpret trends; how to prepare and adapt to meet challenges; as well as how to harness the new opportunities being presented for sustainable success.


The IOE, in collaboration with the Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales (CEOE), has brought together a cast of panellists from around the world who will be giving their take on topics such as the new business models; diverse forms of employment; industrial relations and employer organisation services in the future; and responses for policymakers and recommendations.


The programme, background note, the IOE brief on "Understanding the Future of Work" and its executive summary are accessible via the links in the side panel. Interpretation will be available in Spanish and English.


Please register for the Workshop before 28 February 2017 with Dalia Farag (farag@ioe-emp.com).


Yours sincerely,




Roberto Suárez Santos

Deputy Secretary-General

IOE Contacts

Before 28 February 2017 with farag@ioe-emp.com